Water shortage | Town of Gilbert, Arizona

Will there be water restrictions?

Currently there is no immediate impact on our municipal water supplies and therefore no mandatory water restrictions for customers.

Wise use of water is always encouraged and our water conservation team can help you find ways to be more efficient.

The Gilbert Water Conservation Team can help residents and businesses find personalized, practical solutions to save water.

Why is Gilbert still building new projects when we are in a drought?

Our water resources are planned for construction demands, including all currently undeveloped land, which allows for the construction of new projects.

Gilbert has prepared and acquired water for 100 years of supply for all current and anticipated future customers. Understanding that future water demands may not resemble past water demands, we have a water allocation policy that provides mechanisms for projects that propose to use more water than expected to bring their own city ​​supplies.

Our strategic planning and development policies ensure that we have enough water for all current and future water customers to thrive and grow.

Since water is so precious, why is it so cheap?

Water tariffs are set to pass on the cost of obtaining, treating and delivering water to the customer. Since Gilbert is a younger community, our infrastructure is newer and has lower maintenance costs. As infrastructure ages, the cost of service will increase due to required maintenance and replacement needs.

Water tariffs were last changed in April 2022. One of the results of the new tariff structure is to further encourage conservation based on an improved progressive tariff structure for water consumption. .

Even with the latest rate change, Gilbert continues to maintain one of the least expensive combined utilities of any municipality in Maricopa County.

Why is grass allowed in the desert?

Gilbert’s municipal code encourages the proliferation of water-efficient plants by limiting the total amount of water-intensive landscaping that can be installed in all new developments.

Some water-intensive landscaping is permitted to allow landscaping to incorporate aspects of recreational play and gardening. This may include large grassed areas for playing or lounging as well as citrus trees for consumption.

The most important aspect is that when we use water for the landscape, we apply it efficiently. Gilbert’s Water Conservation Team has tools to help all water customers assess their landscape irrigation and find solutions to minimize inefficient water use.

Does Gilbert offer discounts for saving water?

Gilbert is currently reviewing community needs and putting together a set of rebate offerings to help water customers with conservation initiatives.

In the meantime, Gilbert offers water efficiency reviews to all customers to help them assess their water usage and find opportunities for efficiency gains. Residential customers can learn more here and commercial, industrial and institutional customers can start here.

Request a water efficiency audit today.

Will Gilbert run out of water?

No, Gilbert won’t run out of water.

Gilbert has a diverse and resilient water supply portfolio and an action plan in place to support periods of reduced supply and meet current and future demands.

How did Gilbert prepare for the shortages?

We have been preparing for shortages for decades and will continue to plan for the impacts of drought and climate change that strain our water supplies.

The City’s Water Supply Reduction Management Plan was updated in the fall of 2021 in anticipation of the current shortage on the Colorado River.

We have invested in our infrastructure, water supplies and conservation programs to ensure resilience in times of scarcity.

Where does Gilbert get his water?

Gilbert has four main water sources:

  • Colorado River Water from the Central Arizona Project
  • SRP Verde River Salt and Water
  • Groundwater from City wells
  • Water recovered from the recycling of our wastewater

Learn more about Gilbert’s water supply.

What can I do to help save water?

There are many ways to increase the efficiency of your water use, simply by checking for active leaks and adjusting your landscape’s watering schedule.

Gilbert’s Water Conservation Team can help:

How do I join the Gilbert Water Conservation Team?

E-mail: [email protected]

Call: (480) 503-6098

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