Verbal threat shuts down Tribal Government in Window Rock


An alleged verbal threat in Tuba City a few days ago prompted the tribal government in the tribe’s capital to shut down on Thursday.

Window Rock Navajo Police responded to a threat Thursday when they received reports of a person making verbal threats in Tuba City. The person said “he was going to shoot the president’s office,” according to Navajo police.

Heavily armed police raided tribal offices, including the council chamber and the president’s office.

The Council was calling a Naabik’íyáti’ meeting when President Seth Damon was briefed.

Whether it was miscommunication or a misunderstanding, the Council posted on its social media later Thursday that delegates had been made aware of an active shooter situation in the president’s office.

Several Navajo Nation Rangers and Navajo police officers, along with the president’s executive security, secured the building. Tribal staff were released and members of the Naabik’íyáti’ committee were suspended.

The Navajo Police Department posted on its social media that a person responsible for the alleged verbal threats has been arrested.

The agency wrote that Tuba City law enforcement officials said they were working with Navajo Police, Criminal Investigations in Kayenta and federal authorities to investigate the alleged incident.

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