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Tropical-Pacific weather for Sunday, October 31, 2021


East Pacific:

Calm the next few days

In the eastern and central Pacific there is no notable organized tropical system and no development is expected over the next few days.

However, an area of ​​low pressure is expected to cross southern Central America and enter the basin later in the week. Once this enters the pelvis, there is still an external chance that it

could progressively better organize itself into a tropical system. We will continue to monitor this in the coming days, although there is only a small chance that it can work out.

West Pacific:

Weak low observed near Guam

As of Sunday evening, there were no organized tropical cyclones in the western North Pacific basin and none are expected to develop over the next few days.

However, there is a weak disturbance moving northwestward away from Guam, which has resulted in increased showers and thunderstorms over parts of the Mariana Islands. It seems that this system is not in a

area suitable for tropical development, however.

South Pacific:

No new information for this period.


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