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These are the 10 most popular destinations in Europe, North America and the world for winter sun holidays, travel, city breaks and more in December

Fancy a bit of winter sun? is here to help. We have recommendations for cheap trips to warm destinations in December and throughout the winter. Read on for cheap deals and travel ideas for your next city break.


Málaga, Spain

Sure, it’s a package cliché, but the city of Málaga has a lot more to offer than meets the eye — Shutterstock

Let’s start in Spain with the city of Málaga. Its explosion of tourist trap and package growth can still be seen in the high-rise buildings and hotels along parts of the waterfront, but the city itself deserves further exploration.

It is dominated by a severe hill and two fortresses dating from its years of Moorish domination: the Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro, now in ruins. Visiting them gives you a fantastic insight into the history of the city through the museum, as well as wonderful views up the hill to the winding streets of the old town. Visit the mighty but curiously unbalanced cathedral, get lost in the alleys and squares of the historic center and wonder why you left it so long to visit.

Tenerife, Spain

Sunny view of the coast of Tenerife — ShutterstockThere’s something for everyone in Tenerife — Shutterstock

Similarly, Tenerife is tarmacked with mass tourism, but again, don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s one of the most diverse places in all of Spain, so whether you like lying on the beach, learning about colonial history, hiking through mountains and eerily silent pine forests, savoring a traditional cuisine or spending the whole night partying, you can do one, a few or all of them!

Lisbon, Portugal

Finally, Lisbon is an excellent option. A classic European capital – seven hills, the grand São Jorge castle, noisy trams, graceful churches – it’s also a wonderfully atmospheric place. Swept by Atlantic winds and bathed in beautiful dawn light or red and gold sunsets, you’ll immediately feel part of the city.

Grab an early morning coffee and watch the city wake up, strolling around until lunchtime where you can grab a snack to refuel. Relax in the afternoon to the sound of fado songs drifting through the alleys and side streets of Alfama, before dining on fresh seafood and exceptional local wine.

North America

Los Angeles, United States

California might just be the best place to go to soak up the December sun. There’s also plenty of everything, so whatever you’re looking for on a getaway, Los Angeles has it all.

For foodies, it’s one of the best cities in the world for dining out, and its cocktail bar culture is famous the world over. But hey, if you’re a fan of burgers and dive bars, you’ll find more than enough here too! The beaches stretch for miles and if you’re with kids there’s plenty to keep them busy. Jock ? Well the Dodgers, Rams, Lakers, Kings and Galaxy will keep you entertained whatever ball (or puck) shape does it for you. Otherwise, just visit these world famous movie sites and soak up all the City of Angels has to offer.

Honolulu, United States

Waikiki Beach in Honolulu — Getty ImagesWaikiki — Getty Images

And Hawaii? Most visitors to Honolulu are here for a few specific reasons, namely the sun, the shopping, and the food. And that’s fair enough; Hawaii basks in sunshine virtually year-round, and downtown Honolulu, while not huge, has its shops and restaurants centered around Waikiki – its long, crescent-shaped beach lined with boardwalks, shops and restaurants. .

To find out a bit more, you can take a four-hour city tour, see Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona Memorial, Iolani Palace, and downtown Honolulu. Alternatively, there are day trips all over the island of Oahu, snorkeling and sailing excursions from the beaches, surf schools or even sunset cocktail cruises!

Orlando, United States

Lake Eola Park, OrlandoOrlando can be a surprisingly relaxing destination — Shutterstock

Otherwise, aside from the obvious theme parks, Orlando is a fun city to explore, with tree-lined neighborhoods and beautiful parks, gardens, and nature preserves. It also has some fabulous museums, including the Orlando Fire Department, County History, Orlando Science Center, and a sculpture garden by Czech artist Albin Polasek. So while the adrenaline rush of the rides is great, there’s a quieter, more relaxing side to the city that just might surprise you.

South America

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin at dusk — Getty ImagesMedellin has completely reinvented itself over the past two decades — Getty Images

December – the start of summer – is the best time to visit South America, and we have a few cities to suggest here. First, let’s take a look at Medellín. The second largest city in Colombia is nicknamed the city of eternal spring thanks to its pleasant climate all year round. It has also undergone one of the most stunning transformations of any city in the world. Once infamous for drugs, violence and widespread lawlessness, it was hailed in 2013 as “the most innovative city in the world”.

These days you can’t move for fun and clever ideas: take the eco-arbol, a tree-like structure that acts as an air purifier, or the barefoot park where visitors are encouraged to take off their shoes and socks, squirm and choke in the sand. , mud, grass and pebbles before washing everything in fresh water basins. The city itself is in a beautiful setting, the people are friendly, and everything about Medellín feels progressive, exciting, and lively.

Asuncion, Paraguay

The eponymous city sign of Asunción in the foreground of the Palacio de LópezThe eponymous sign of the city of Asunción in the foreground of the Palacio de López — Shutterstock

Heading southeast, we arrive in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. The country borders Argentina and Brazil, so many tourists simply ignore it. It’s a mistake, because as you stroll through its impressive colonial-era monuments and elegant plazas, you’ll quickly realize that this is one place not to be overlooked.

Its laid-back demeanor is refreshing — there’s little constant exhausting go-go-go from Lima or Buenos Aires, for example — but that doesn’t mean nothing is going on. There is a selection of fabulous modern art galleries, there are parks, squares and restaurants ranging from traditional food to street food and fusion cuisine, and all of this is complemented by the friendly pride of Paraguayans for family and tradition.


Manila, Philippines

Manila is the number one Asian destination for our customers in December. Many people come to Manila only to leave – after all, it’s the gateway to some of Asia’s most beautiful islands and amazing beaches (Boracay, Cebu, etc.), but stick around and you will find that there is a lot to do.

Sure, it’s known for its sprawl and frenetic energy, but get to know Manila and you’ll find a city that’s still rediscovering its place. It is home to the oldest Chinatown in the world, a host of markets, shops and food stalls, as well as Intramuros, its 16th century walled city containing a cathedral, churches, fortress, gardens and ponds, while horse-drawn carriages slam into their path. through the streets. It’s not the Manila you thought.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta cityscape at duskJakarta is a dynamic city that never stops — Shutterstock

We end with Jakarta, which is Manila Amplified. Gleaming towers, colonial relics, working-class neighborhoods rub shoulders with luxury hotels, clothing boutiques and sprawling malls – it’s all moving at thousands of miles an hour.

Despite this, the people are warm and friendly, crime levels are low, and parts of the city like Merdeka Square encapsulate how Indonesia wants the world to see it: open, trusting, safe. Wherever you go, you will notice how multifaceted the city is; its heady mix of cultures, religions, languages, foods and traditions, a nation of thousands of islands and identities all in one place. It’s quite an experience.

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