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GRAND CANYON, Arizona – Following a major interior construction and expansion project, the Grand Canyon Community Library building is now open to the public Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The main goal of the recent construction project was to improve the library’s ability to offer additional programs and enhanced services to its patrons and to improve safety by providing better visibility and eliminating tripping hazards, according to Erin Janicki, chief executive of the Grand Canyon National Park Environment Division’s planning and projects.

“The project will also allow for better redistribution of weight on the building’s foundation, which will reduce structural stresses and improve the historic feeling of the building by removing some non-historic features,” Janicki said.

All reconstruction was approved by the National Park Service and Loven Contracting of Flagstaff carried out the construction.

The total cost of the project was estimated at approximately $200,000.

“I submitted a $50,000.00 State Grants Grant (SGIA) and we received it,” said William Esparza, Assistant Library Manager and Coconino County Librarian.

SGIA was developed in 1981 by the Arizona Legislature to help Arizona libraries meet the information needs of Arizona residents.

Along with the Grand Canyon School Library and the Grand Canyon National Park Research Library, the library is one of three libraries on the South Rim.

Operated by the Coconino County Library, the Grand Canyon Community Library is a historic structure built in 1916 to serve as a school and has housed various entities since then. The library moved into the historic building in 1994.

The library is open to residents of Grand Canyon Village and Tusayan, as well as visitors. Located at 11 Navajo Street, the library can be contacted at (928) 638-2718.

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