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The La Paz County Health Department has launched a new program, Community Health Worker Program (CHW). The program was officially announced to La Paz County Supervisors at their March 21 meeting. The program grew out of the Ministry of Health’s response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Its goal is to connect people to the health care resources they might need.

At a meeting of the ASCs on March 31, some of them told the Pioneer some of the things they did.

Lori Bachman said she was referred to a Quartzsite man who had broken both hips but was unable to get treatment or physiotherapy. He also needed new hearing aids, but they weren’t covered by health insurance. His kitchen was virtually unusable due to renovations.

Bachman said she referred him to the Quartzsite Health Fair and the staff were able to help him get what he needed. He received physical therapy and was enrolled in the Meals on Wheels program. She said they were trying to get him the hearing aids he needed.

Nancy Neal said her role was to direct people to information about COVID death benefits from the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). She said she met a man who was upset after his wife died from virus-related reasons.

“He was very upset and I think his biggest need was to talk to someone,” she said.

Neal said she listened to him and was then able to refer him to the FEMA program. She said knowing the funeral costs would be covered brought relief to her.

Wendy Tatum said she worked with a man who wanted a coronavirus test kit delivered to his home.

Gene Holt said he has worked with people in recovery for 18 years and the CHW program has done very similar things.

The county released the following statement about the program:

“ASCs help residents and visitors access a wide variety of resources and services that may be needed for health and safety. Through our response to COVID 19, we have seen a large number of people negatively affected by this pandemic. This program is a continuation of services not only in response to COVID, but for all residents and visitors who may need assistance with necessary resources. This program is funded by a grant to the La Paz County Health Department from the Arizona Department of Health Services.

The CHW program covers La Paz County: Bouse, Cibola, CRIT, Ehrenberg, Parker/Parker Strip, Salome, Quartzsite and Wenden. CHWs can help members of the public with translation services, veteran resources, health education, informal counseling, mental health services and more. CHWs will also connect individuals with community resources such as Home Health Care, Meals on Wheels, Healthy La Paz, PAACE, WACOG and others.

Additionally, the CHW team will assist individuals who have lost family members to COVID. A CHW will connect the family and offer support through the reimbursement program provided by FEMA. If the application requirements are met, families may receive funeral expense reimbursement.

The goals of the CHW program are to: improve access to health services, increase knowledge and use of community and social service resources, and reduce barriers to available services for La County residents and visitors. Peace.

For more information, please contact the La Paz County Health Department at 928-669-9364 or visit us online at”

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