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Maybe rehab isn’t for everyone?

What are you doing there, Ann? In case you missed it, Republican and gremlin City Attorney Ann Davison went from abolition curious to prison queen with breakneck speed. I know, just a little while ago, Davison was copying NTK’s homework, tossing a bunch of misdemeanors into his office’s backlog that would be harder to prosecute than they were worth. Now she wants to exclude “high users” (those most caught up in the cycle of crime and who probably need the most help getting out of it) from community court. Basically, if Davison thinks you’re beyond help because you committed multiple trespasses, you shouldn’t be entitled to alternatives to jail. The press release she sent out on Thursday claimed that data shows that alternative interventions such as community court do not deter recidivism. Wait until she hears what the prison is doing. Either way, it has not made this data available, and the request is inconsistent with the results of most other diversion programs. But it’s Judge Damon Shadid’s call, and he said he wouldn’t exclude these people from the program.


ACWPPSYK (all the cops would probably pepper spray your child): Remember that time the thin blue line that defends our people from violence and chaos violently and chaotically defended itself against the people whose taxpayers’ money pays for their big paychecks? Same. Anyway, a cop pepper sprayed a child at the start of the 2020 protests. The Office of Police Accountability saw nothing wrong with the cop’s actions and determined the child’s injuries were “inadvertent”. As for the actual action (which seemed rather reckless, but okay), the OPA said the incident was not an excessive use of force or a violation of Seattle Police Department policy. Good to know that smearing a child is within policy as long as you say you were trying to pepper spray another person who was grabbing another cop’s baton. Anyway, the child’s father unsurprisingly thinks it’s stupid and bullshit, so he sued, alleging his child was in agony and the cop probably took him done because he and his son are black.

Strong Policymaking Last Night: Last night Sound Transit’s executive committee voted that fines against riders who don’t pay transit cannot be recovered. While it’s great that Sound Transit isn’t trying to financially ruin the poor for a few dollars, the committee voted to let security kick people off the train if they can’t show their ID. I wonder who this law might disproportionately affect.

Free transit, BABY! Good news about public transportation, the state has decided that if you’re 18 or younger, you can live every city planner’s dream and ride for free! the strangerMatt Baume breaks down this transport package here.

Dick’s, Dick’s, so many Dick’s: We just can’t get enough Dicks, and according to Dick President Jasmine Donovan, the area will soon be home to a ninth Dick’s at Federal Way next year. Coming sooner and closer to home, the company expects Capitol Hill Dick’s to reopen in early summer after much-needed renovations.

Workers’ rights, okay? Earlier this week, Seattle College professors protested outside their district headquarters, where union leaders were negotiating but not doing a very good job in their interests, according to rank-and-file professors. The South Seattle Emerald has the whole story.

SIFF (not to be confused with SPLIFF): As you already know if you read Slog’s AMs and PMs, some year-round SIFF workers came out of SIFF Cinema Egyptian and handed out flyers that read “SIFF HOURLY WORKERS DESERVE TRANSPARENCY”. The Seattle Times published an article yesterday confirming what we wrote: These workers could be in trouble.

Baby’s first rental property: Seattle’s poor small landlords continue to worry about not being able to retire early if the council continues to pass soft protections for tenants who fear they won’t have a bed to sleep in if those landlords continue to raise rents. price. KING 5 ran a little article about the pity of the owners – like they don’t get enough airtime like they do; the board gave them a whole fucking task force. Apparently owner Brian (who was too loose to share his last name) once sold one of his rental properties in Seattle, which we all know in this market is such a terrible thing to endure. It probably took a whole 36 hours to sell $70,000 above the ask. He still has a two-bedroom in Ballard that he rents for $2,240, which is the equivalent of an extra minimum-wage job for a single property. But with all these new tenant protections, Brian doesn’t know how much longer he can afford to exploit people. Hope you find a real job soon!

Seahawks: I would love to give an analysis of this whole project, but I know very little about football. If you want to read it be my guest lol.

I did not win the Powerball: If that were the case, do you think I would wake up at 5am to write an article about a job that qualifies me for low income social housing? Absolutely not fucking. But someone in Arizona won the Powerball this week, winning $473.1 million, or about $272 million after taxes. If you’re feeling generous, Powerball winner, my Venmo is @Hannahkriegg with a photo of me sobbing in front of a 28-year-old bum.

Mandatory presentation of Elon Musk: Elon Mush sold $8.5 billion worth of Tesla stock, sending the company’s stock price plummeting.

Is it a look or is she just skinny: I love this cut from Gigi Hadid, but it also tastes really sticky.

Thank you: The title of this piece is “James Corden promises to leave The Late Late Show with a bang”, but honestly it could have stopped at “James Corden promises to leave”. That would have been enough. (Looks like they updated the title to “James Corden tears up as he vows to leave The Late Late Show with a bang after confirming shock release.” Guess” tears up as he swears to leave” performed better than “promise to leave”.”)


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