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Schwartz: one goal less than the perfect night
Monday, November 15, 2021 5:53 PM

Gamechanger manager Ed Schwartz said he had a fantastic first trip to Portman Road, even though Saturday’s League One game against Oxford was “one goal less than the perfect night”.

Schwartz is the CEO of ORG, the U.S. investment firm that manages funds on behalf of the Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS), which has a 90 percent stake in the new owners of Blues Gamechanger 20.

The 54-year-old was at the club for the first time since the takeover, appearing at the fan forum last Monday and winning the Papa John’s Trophy match against Colchester, which the Blues won on penalties after a 0 draw. -0. , and Saturday’s game against the U.

Schwartz, who spoke to reporters including TWTD’s Phil Ham ahead of the fan forum, will return to Portman Road for the home game with Sunderland on Saturday, December 18 with the rest of American Blues directors and investors Three Lions. , Brett Johnson, Berke Bakay and Mark Detmer, and Mark Steed, Chief Investment Officer of PSPRS.

“It’s a really special place. It was just one goal less than the perfect night, ”he said. iFollow Ipswich. “It’s very inspiring to be a part of this – I love it!

“Overall the trip was great. It was a fantastic trip and I can’t wait to come back in December.

“It’s hard to imagine this place moving any more. I can’t wait to come back and experience this packed house so I’m very excited.

“Were all [the board and investors] is going to be here in force for the first time. We are very happy to show all the Ipswich fans how much we care about ourselves and how much we want the same thing they want – huge success for the club.

The Sunderland game is the first in the #PackOutPR three-match promotion with adult tickets for the trio of games priced at £ 40 for adults and single match seats starting at £ 15 with reduced prices also available for concessions.

Photos: TWTD images / match day

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pennblue added 18:25 – Nov 15
Thanks Ed for supporting this initiative: PackOutPR. It’s a fantastic scheme, really well done.

Do you have the option of asking Mark Ashton to sort Sir Bobby Robson’s booth? We need a proper singing desk in Portman Road, with a well-designed roof so that we can generate decent noise.

When they replace the “old north stand”, they kill the atmosphere. There’s this horrible concrete block roof in the back part of the lower part of the SBR booth, and the roof in the upper part of the SBR booth is too high for people singing in the lower section to enjoy. Additionally, over the years many lower SBR mid-sections have been populated with very loyal supporters, but not necessarily ‘singers’. So now we have Section 6 (Blue Action) in the corner of the lower part of the bracket, which makes the job of generating noise twice as difficult.

The whole design of the SBR bracket is not well suited to generate decent noise.

If you take a look at the noise generated during the match Wycombe (away), and Charlton (away) will be the same. We want that noise and atmosphere at home, every week.

I am a believer added 19:16 – Nov 15

Absolutely just pennblue back in the days when I was jumping up and down in the north, the noise generated was scary and absolutely electric (probably due to fewer fans than this season). Hopefully something can be done, but don’t stop singing in the meantime.

Nesspointrunner added 19:56 – Nov 15

LIKE someone with many years of commitment to ITFC. I find it hard to accept their claim that they only watch the next 10 years or less.

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