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Jonathan India, Tyler Stephenson, Jose Barrero, Vlad Gutierrez and Tony Santillan, who have each donned the Cincinnati Reds jersey for enough time during the 2021 season to move up to Big League rank.

That’s a tremendous amount of talent that has taken the system to the next level since the last time we published our Community Lead Rankings. This kind of registration would, for many years, have left a rather sorry farming system in its wake. Despite the overall frugality of team ownership to augment what still exists at the major league level, however, the front office and scouts deserve a bit of credit for making sure there are still plenty of great ones. and great talent on the Reds farm.

Today we begin to sort through the best of the best of these farm workers as we try to determine which one is worthy of the overall top spot in our CPR 2022. To the candidates we go, with their listing in absolutely no particular order in order to ( ideally) do not have us influence your selections.

Elly De La Cruz – SS / 3B (19 years old)

2021 at a glance: .296 / .336 / .538 (.874 OPS) in 265 PA split between AZL Reds (Rookie League) and Daytona Tortugas (Low-A Southeast League)

Advantages: Legit five tools upside down, elite power / speed combo with chance to stick to SS, switch-hitter, plus outfield player

The inconvenients: Problems with swing and lack (31.0% K-rate in Daytona), low rate of walk (4.8% in Daytona)

There was little prospect at any level in any system that had a future increase in depth cards like De La Cruz did last year. After a promising (but mostly punchless) start in 2019 at 17 in the Dominican Summer League after signing for a modest $ 65,000, his entire 2020 campaign was lost as the pandemic ended. in all minor league games. When he made his 2021 debut at the Reds Goodyear Resort, however, he quickly began to turn heads with his formidable physical skills.

He has an incredibly long way to go to hone those skills, of course, but remains one of the best young raw talent to have walked the system in years. The Reds’ decision to promote him to Daytona in early 2021 suggests they’re ready to move him quickly, however, and I expect him to electrify the crowds in Dayton to start 2022 in a way that could even see him reach Chattanooga within a year. end too.

(Plus, her birthday is January 11, so happy birthday Elly!)

Nick Lodolo – LHP (23)

2021 at a glance: 2.31 ERA in 50.9 IP (13 GS) split between Chattanooga Lookouts (AA South) and Louisville Bats (AAA East), 78/11 K / BB, 0.967 WHIP

Advantages: Three-length mix (fastball, slider, shift), elite strike zone control, single trigger point with 6’6 “frame

The inconvenients: Only 69.0 total PI as a professional, blisters and shoulder fatigue stopped him in 2021

As the ‘Cons’ above mentions, it seems we’ve rarely seen Lodolo, despite knowing him as the club’s 1st round pick. It’s an odd backdrop considering he’s been so well regarded for so long – he was an unsigned Pittsburgh Pirates 1st-round pick in 2016 before opting for TCU for college, showing that ‘He’s been very well on the radar for many teams for 6+ years now.

This is what happens when you’re a long, lean southpaw with a 96 mph fastball and the ability to spot it, along with other throws. So despite his limited performance at all minor levels, he continued to display all of these traits, along with some elite level swing and miss stuff.

He will be 24 in February, and all signs are that he is an integral part of the Reds’ plans at the major league level early on and often into 2022, especially given the starts in the rotation since the end of the 2021 season.

Hunter Greene – RHP (22 years old)

2021 at a glance: 3.30 ERA in 106.1 IP split between Chattanooga Lookouts (AA South) and Louisville Bats (AAA East), 139/39 K / BB, 1.17 WHIP

Advantages: Fastball 104, 105, 137, 158 mph, track and field had considered him a 1st round talent as an SS out of high school plus slider, strikeout ability

The inconvenients: Only 179.0 IP at professional level, 13 HR authorized in 2021

As with Nick Lodolo, the combination of the lost 2020 season and injuries has helped keep Greene something a secret from those who wish to watch him since he was drafted with the high school’s 2nd overall pick in the MLB Draft. 2017. Of course, his ability to throw a baseball 105 mph from the mound has kept him front and center in the dreams we all have about where this franchise could go.

Finally healthy after Tommy John’s surgery and finally with a list of minor leagues to participate in, Greene topped the AA competition in 7 starts (1.98 ERA, 60/14 K / BB in 41.0 IP), reaching AAA when he was only 21. season. He’s run into a few issues at this point – including four solo shots allowed in a single match – perhaps the only real flaw in his ledger at this point.

Still, the material is as elitist as it gets, and since it’s now in full health and releasing it again, it’s no surprise to see it featured in the game’s best overall outlook by most everyone. those who provide such rankings.

Matt McLain – SS (22 years old)

2021 at a glance: 1.013 OPS in 47 G with UCLA before being drafted, .283 / .389 / .462 in 126 PA split between AZL Reds (Rookie League) and Dayton Dragons (High-A Central)

Advantages: Hitting area recognition, high contact, improved field setting coupled with a strong arm that should allow him to stay in SS for the long haul, plus speed

The inconvenients: Average power

McLain is the Reds ‘final 1st round pick, and is also the Reds’ last 1st round pick who was previously a 1st round pick by someone else – this time the Arizona Diamondbacks, who have selected McLain 25th overall in 2018 only to see him choose to attend UCLA instead.

While there are often questionable connotations when calling someone a “high floor” prospect, if you give that kind of a label McLain pretty much is. He’s a known quantity at this point and is very good at the aspects of his game that are his focal points. He’s not a powerful hitter anymore now, and he never really will be, and it’s a foul he’s managed to make questionable with his ability to kick the ball between them, to take balls when they hit them. have thrown and to play after game at SS.

It has great value, of course, and the Reds will likely move it up the ranks quickly in the hopes that it continues.


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