Questions Remain About GOP Election ‘Investigation’ | National government and new policies

Lahr described his experience as having conducted investigations and audits, developed “crucial information and intelligence” from “extensive, complicated and sensitive investigative research and multidisciplinary analysis”, both in the military. and as a subcontractor of the Ministry of Defense.

When asked for details, he said most of them were confidential and filed at the highest levels of the federal government and the Department of Defense, and that he could not discuss these contracts.

Lahr’s former company, Silverback 7, had a long list of federal contracts.

Republican-controlled committees in the House and Senate already held hearings on last year’s election last spring and produced reports, as well as laws that Democrats opposed. A bill was opposed by Governor Tom Wolf.

Gregory Miller, chief operating officer of the California-based OSET Institute, which is dedicated to research on election infrastructure and administration, said there was no concept of an established election survey. on what Republicans are leading in states like Pennsylvania and Arizona.

But, Miller said, there are election administrators who have expertise in running elections, information technology companies who can analyze computer and network security, and voting system manufacturers who have knowledge. in-depth knowledge of their equipment and components.

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