On the road (again) with the 2022 Twins

In September 2019, my mom and I attended a few Twins / Guardians tournaments at Progressive Field in Cleveland. It continued a long-standing tradition – and favorite hobby – of mine: following the Twins to stadiums other than Target Field. So far, I’ve seen the Twins bat for the first time in San Francisco, Los Angeles (AL), St. Louis, Arlington, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Kansas City and Chicago (AL). I have also witnessed non-MN cases in LA (NL), San Diego and New York (AL).

Sadly, a year 2020 without fans and still plagued by a pandemic put the kibosh on baseball-related travel for a while. Hopefully Campaign 22 gives me more opportunities to refuel the new 2021 Hyundai Kona and hit the highway. With Mother Nature just dumped a foot of snow on my doorstep in Mankato, MN, now seems like the perfect time to dream of sunny summer days while exploring baseball territory.

So here are some Twins road trip opportunities that I am expecting next year:

My fondness for Beantown has already been well established, so going to Fenway Park would truly be a dream. My biggest concern? Installation in seats built to accommodate the dwarves and dwarves who apparently inhabited early 20th century society (I’m 6’8 “).

Maybe I should jump for the Green Monster seats
Staff photo by Matt Stone / MediaNews Group / Boston Herald

Other Than a childhood trip to the Winnipeg Zoo and a teenage fishing expedition, I never really ventured much to our neighbor to the north. The Blue Jays have made a whole roster of talented and exciting young stars, and seeing old friend Jose Berrios spin him around again would be fun.

At this point, I’m pretty convinced my parents are going to retire in Arizona (who doesn’t really?) Given the amount of desert hikes they’ve done in this area in recent years. It shouldn’t be hard convincing them to let me follow next summer and stop by Chase Field for some baseball and, perhaps just as important, a few hours of air conditioning.

Washington Nationals vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

If ever a stadium needed a retractable roof for the summer games, it would be in Arizona
Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images

  • July 8-10 @ Arlington (Rangers)

I never cease to be amazed that the Globe Life Park, which I marveled at in 2015, now has version 2.0. I absolutely love the atmosphere of texan baseball (oil changes during the streak of the 7th round!) and, frankly, also a bit like the notion of not being covered in sweat for the entire nine innings. The biggest downside? That endless drive through Oklahoma. Even at 80 mph, it apparently takes a life and a half.

Coming out of the 22 All-Star Break, the Twins actually have a double schedule scheduled for Saturday at Motown. Potentially a great opportunity for me to complete the AL Central stadium circuit. In addition, did not someone around here mention how the Twins & Tigers might soon fight for division supremacy? 🙂

  • August 9-14 @ LA Dodgers & LA Angels

This could be my knockout of all baseball trips in 22. Not only would a week of baseball on the West Coast be great, but I family ties in Tinseltown which would facilitate such a retreat. To use John McClane’s words from Definitely a Christmas movie Die Hard:

While these obviously aren’t the only exotic and faraway places the twins will meet up next summer, they are the ones I’m currently booking vacation days for. Any suggestions or plans from you?

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