New Rules To Help Arizona Residents Avoid Utilities Cuts During Extreme Weather | Economic news

Tucson Electric Power will end non-payment service disruptions from June through mid-October, under new rules finally approved by state regulators.

Arizona Daily Star Rebecca Sasnett

Customers of Tucson Electric Power and other state-regulated utilities won’t have to worry about their electricity or gas being cut off when temperatures are dangerously hot or cold, per rules approved Tuesday.

New termination of service rules passed by the Arizona Corporation Commission require electric utilities to follow a choice of two permitted shutdown guidelines – when temperatures are expected to reach 95 degrees or drop below 32 degrees or when the commission issues an order stating that the weather conditions are dangerous; or alternatively, during a period from June 1 to October 15 each year.

TEP and its sister rural power company, UniSource Energy Services, will adopt the moratorium on June-October shutdowns and continue to suspend shutdowns in temperatures of 32 degrees and below, spokesman Joe Barrios said.

Arizona Public Service Co. will also follow the calendar period guideline and continue to stop winter shutdowns in temperatures of 32 degrees and below, spokeswoman Jenna Rowell said.

The rules will not apply to state-owned power co-ops, which have typically used notices from the National Weather Service as a guideline for when to suspend outages.

The rules for closing co-ops will be governed by their current terms of service and will be reviewed by the CCA as part of future individual pricing cases.

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