New Hampshire’s best drinking water goes to the town of Keen

Keene, New Hampshire has best drinking water, by competition

Um, is that a thing? I thought the water tasted like, well, water. I must have a very unsophisticated palate because I am not picky about my water. Ever since I learned that the Granite State Rural Water Association selected Keene to have the best drinking water according to, I have been intrigued. Maybe I need to stop by Keene’s and get a sample of their water. I can tell you about the water in Rochester where I live. This is exceptional.

How do you rate the water?

This water contest is a big deal. The winner of the New Hampshire drinking water competition continues to compete with waters from all over the United States to try to win the title at the “Great American Water Taste Test” held in Washington, DC according to the sentinelsource newspaper .com. It seems to me there’s some kind of Miss America water pageant that I didn’t even know existed. Water is judged by its color, smell and taste. There are also no game favorites, this is a blind taste test by NH’s environmental services department.

Where does Keene’s water come from?

You might be wondering where the best water in the state of New Hampshire comes from, I mean the source. The Roxbury Road reservoirs on Roxbury Road and four underground water wells. Aaron Costa, who is the operations manager for Keene’s drinking water, told “I think it’s great to be recognized. We have made many process changes over the years to improve water quality and are very happy to be recognized. So if you are in Keene be sure to drink some water. PS Stop buying bottled water, this is a big scam.

Since we are talking about water and a watering competition

What are the signature drinks of each state?

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