“Lux begs for a ticket out of town. Beggar”

There wasn’t much to complain about for Los Angeles Dodgers fans. The team is currently tied for first place with the San Diego Padres in National League West, Major League Baseball’s most competitive division, and is on course to win 100 games. This level of success tends to happen when you field a roster that includes four former most valuable players and the highest payroll in baseball, which helped the Los Angeles Dodgers lead the league in points per game and to allow the fewest points per game.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have arguably the biggest roster of the century

However, even with one of the best rosters in baseball, some people find a way to complain, like reporter Howard Cole complaining about Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Gavin Lux.

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Lux was a first-round pick for the Dodgers in the 2016 Major League Baseball rookie draft and rose quickly through the minor league ranks. This is his first season as a starter for the Dodgers after locking down second base. He’s currently posting career-best numbers with a .343 on-base percentage at the bottom of Dave Roberts’ star and hitting range. In Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies, Lux made a critical error with two outs late in the second as a ground ball slipped through his legs and scored Jean Segura from the second. The Phillies would take advantage of the error and score four runs through Lux. This prompted Cole to campaign for the end of the term of Lux, 24, in Dodger blue.

Look at the body language and the whole package. Lux asks for a ticket out of town. Begging. #Dodgers

“Look at the body language and the whole package. Lux is begging for a ticket out of town. Beggar. #Dodgers– @Howard Cole

Lux would ultimately have the last laugh, however, as his scramble on base, heading for a Mookie Betts double on the third base line late in the eighth, dragged the LA Dodgers down a single run. Lux fully redeemed himself when he led the tying and winning runs on a double late in the ninth to send Dodgers fans happy home. It was quite an emotional day for Lux, and he even gained a new fan.

“Extend Lux!!” [email protected] Cole

The Dodgers will face the Arizona Diamondbacks as their next opponent.

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