Letter to the editor: Walorz-Killeffer pleads in favor of the city council

BRAINTREE, MA – The following is a letter to the editor of District 1 City Council candidate Jodi Walorz-Killeffer. All opinions expressed are his.

I am Jodi Walorz-Killeffer, candidate for the municipal council of the first district. It is with a SENSE OF PURPOSE and RESPONSIBILITY that I seek to serve my HOME TOWN and the residents of District 1.

I am a long time resident, class of 96 BHS graduates – my family has been deeply rooted in Braintree for generations. They own and operate a small local business – Walorz Trucking – you can even get your stickers there.

I’m the wife of a Braintree police officer,
proud mother of two, 17 year old registered nurse with intensive care experience, currently a visiting nurse where the majority of my patients are seniors and veterans.

When I was 19, I was asked to be the leader of a mission trip to the Navaho Nation. My team was one of many who came from the United States to join Arizona in helping the natives.

It was the first of many rewarding trips. I continued with this group for a few years traveling the United States and helping those in need, repairing schools and homes.

This led me to undertake my mission abroad. I traveled to the Dominican Republic for medical missions. This time, the establishment of clinics and pharmacies. These missions have changed the trajectory of my life. At this point, I was working for Sony Music and had just completed my degree in Public Relations and Communications. But – leaving the Dominican, I realized that I had found my passion.

Helping and responding to the needs of others gave me a purpose and genuine happiness that I had never experienced before. While I loved people and communicated with them, I also felt the need to do more.

Following my heart, I enrolled in nursing school and returned to the Dominican Republic for many years.

I guess you could say I have a servant’s heart.

But I am not a politician. You might have heard this line before – and I realize how clehay that sounds – but it’s just not me. I’m a wife, mom, nurse, two-time breast cancer fighter and survivor – who just love helping people.

I am a strong advocate for cancer awareness and research. With great respect, I was the keynote speaker for Dana Farber. I have also represented the Jimmy Fund through multiple campaigns with the Red Sox, Jimmy Fund Telethon and Fox 25 interviews.

I have the honor to be sponsored by the Braintree Police Officers Association.

I am also touched by the approval of
The Braintree Friends for Veterans Group.
I am grateful that they instilled in me their faith, trust and confidence – I will not betray them.

I am running because we need sincere transparency, financial accountability and an advisor who will focus DIRECTLY on the issues facing OUR DISTRICT.

If you are elected, as a D1 Councilor, I promise that all information and updates that come to me will be shared – unfiltered – with you.

Not only will I hold regular office hours and maintain an open line of communication with residents through newsletters, emails and phone calls, but I will serve on council as an advocate for my district and community.

Our district deserves and needs a counselor who is dedicated to working on issues that have a direct impact on District 1.

As an advisor, I am convinced that together –
we can bridge the gap between city politics and our community to move our Braintree forward.

I am Jodi Walorz Killeffer, I respectfully request your vote as District 1 Councilor on November 2nd.

Jodi Walorz Killeffer,
Braintree Life Resident and
Braintree District 1 City Council Candidate

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