Kennewick, Pasco or Richland? Experts say it’s the best city

The Tri-Cities metro includes several cities, including Kennewick, Pasco and Richland.

Even though the Tri-Cities are generally treated as the sum of its parts, a large metro, several governments are at work. You have the individual municipal governments, and you have all the county governments in play. These governments oversee various aspects of your life, including school districts, parks, road maintenance and just about everything you have. need, appreciate or frustrate you. Live in Kennewick and want to get married? You can pick up your marriage license at Benton County Headquarters in Prosser. Despite all of this, most of us are part of at least two of the “big three” every day.

I worked in Pasco for ten years, and during that time I commuted between Pasco, Kennewick and Richland as I moved around the Tri-Cities. When I was a teenager I lived in Pasco and attended Kennewick High School. Even with an increase in population and traffic, getting from Kennewick to Pasco can be faster than getting around a big city like Seattle. It can be easy to forget that there are three cities, then July 4th arrives with the different laws across the Tri-Cities.

Which city in Tri-Cities is the best?

Everyone has their own tastes, and not everyone grew up in the same city here to have a universal favorite. A few months ago I said Pasco was better than Kennewick, and I live in Kennewick. But if you are looking for concrete answers with data to back them up, you turn to the experts.

According to experts, which city of Tri-Cities is the best?

Richland is a big winner on Niche, but why? With an overall “A” rating, it beats Kennewick’s “B +” and Pasco’s “B” rating. So, let’s break it down. These scores are composite scores that add up various categories such as nightlife, crime and safety, schools and activities.

Why is Richland the best Tri-Cities town to live in?

With high marks for weather, families, diversity, health and fitness, and outdoor activities, Richland scores higher than other major cities in the Tri-Cities. This is above average in housing, public schools, jobs, nightlife and commuting. Where is less than stellar Richland? Richland’s C + rating for crime and safety is average for the rest of the country, but hopefully it’s much higher. The cost of living is also average in Richland with a C +.

Is Kennewick a good place to live?

Kennewick is overall above average with a B + score. It ranks higher than Richland with an A for diversity and is similar in weather and outdoor activities. Kennewick ranks higher than Richland in cost of living but lower in housing and public schools. Kennewick’s level of crime is the same as Richland’s, which again is average.

Is Pasco a safe place to live?

Pasco shares a C + rating with Kennewick and Richland for crime and safety, but is ranked lower than both for public schools, nightlife and commuting. It ranks equally well in terms of weather, diversity and outdoor activities. Niche doesn’t rate the quality of the food, which Pasco would blow the rest of the Tri-Cities out of the water.

Ultimately, it really depends on preference. If you are a parent of school-aged children, public education may be more important to you. If you like going out on the weekends, a healthy nightlife will be higher on your priority list.

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