July weather forecast: high temperatures reaching 90 degrees in the West

The Lower 48 will experience high temperatures based on forecast July temperatures, with parts of the western United States likely to reach 90 degrees.

According to the most recent weather forecast from The Weather Company, an IBM company and Atmospheric G2, much of the West could be a bit warmer than expected, and the East could be slightly milder.

From west Louisiana and east Texas north through the Central Plains and west through parts of the Rockies and the Great Basin, temperatures are expected to be significantly above average.

The July forecast for the Northern Plains and upper Midwest is also expected to see above-average temperatures.

July, which is typically the hottest month of the year for much of this region, is expected to see temperatures close to slightly above average in the East.

In western New Mexico, extreme northwest California, eastern Arizona and extreme southwest Oregon, temperatures can be near or slightly below average.

The change is due to the higher level pattern, which is expected to prevail for the majority of July.

Dr. Todd Crawford, director of meteorology at Atmospheric G2, said over time the anomalous heat will move north or west, allowing the mid-Atlantic to experience above-average rainfall in from the northern plains.

This active MCS pattern will help deter the strongest summer heat from spreading to areas to the northeast.

The pattern would allow the heat to surge north and west.

It will also cause the jet stream to bulge north over parts of the central and western United States.

In addition, the jet stream will deviate slightly south to the northeast, which may prevent thunderstorms from moving from the northern plains into the mid-Atlantic.

It will also prevent extreme heat from spreading to parts of the East.

Wherever wetter than average southwest monsoon conditions are forecast in July, the southwest experiences cooler weather.

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How hot is it?

For most of the plains and western interior, high temperatures in July typically reach the 80s and 90s; therefore, above average temperatures in the region would indicate that a very hot July could be in store for area residents.

The East has average high temperatures that range from the 70s to Appalachia and northern New England.

The average temperature is around the 90s in much of the southeast.

Temperatures near or just above average suggest mild to warm conditions could prevail at times in July, The Weather Channel reported.

Although the temperature can be colder at higher elevations in the west, summer lows in the Lower 48, or contiguous United States, are generally mild to warm.

In the regions of the Deep South and the Midwest to the West where warmer than average temperatures are expected, morning lows could be a bit more uncomfortable.

However, if temperatures are closer to average, mornings can be more tolerable in much of the East.

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