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Last year, Republicans finally achieved the long-held goal of creating what amounts to a flat income tax, replacing multiple tax brackets with a single 2.5% tax rate. But it sparked a referendum campaign from those worried about the annual cost of $ 1.5 billion in a state that traditionally ranks at the bottom of the student rankings as well as the lion’s share of the profits. would go to the richest.

Now, however, GOP lawmakers are looking to undermine the planned vote in November by repealing the law, which would render the referendum moot and replace the package with something else.

Senator JD Mesnard, R-Chandler, one of the architects of the plan, said it was not just about repealing and reproducing the same language to undermine the more than 215,000 signatures filed to force a vote audience, almost 100,000 more than they needed. .

He said part of the reason for the proposal was to counter Proposition 208, the 2020 ballot measure that would have imposed a 3.5% surtax on income over $ 250,000 for individuals and individuals. $ 500,000 for couples. The Arizona Supreme Court effectively overturned this initiative because it would have raised more than schools could constitutionally spend.

But Mesnard said he remains committed to the idea of ​​some sort of lump sum tax, perhaps using the state’s strong revenues to pass a rate even below 2.5% to ensure that more people would benefit. Yet, he acknowledged, any new plan is likely to spark another referendum campaign.

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