House Committee Approves Ban on Transgender Girls Playing Women’s Sports | Government and politics

“Without this bill, we will only see the oppression of our daughters,” she said.

Egea said that even at 9 years old, boys are stronger and faster than girls. And at 16, she says, boys are more physical than girls.

“If you allow the boys to play against the girls, the girls will get seriously injured,” Egea said. She said keeping those born as boys out of girls’ sport will “protect our girls’ mental health, protect their dreams, protect them from physical harm and protect their future”.

And Jadis Argiope, a transgender woman, said she agreed, saying the biological differences between born males and born females cannot be ignored despite what she called ‘marketing’ by the trans community. .

“A lot of trans people like to live in the imagination,” she said.

One problem is how all of this would be applied.

It starts with how to determine who would be classified under SB 1165 as “male” and therefore unable to participate in women’s sports. Hernandez asked if it would be based on a birth certificate, genetic testing or an “invasive medical exam.”

“We leave it up to the school to get that information,” Herrod said. And she pointed out that in general, students must undergo a physical examination by a private doctor before participating in sports.

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