Home Run Derby – MLB DFS Community Contest: Friday, July 8

Happy Friday, Grinders! From hot and humid Orlando, Florida, I bring you the Home Run Derby for a busy Friday night slate. The slate is loaded with lots of play and probably lots of heat. Tuesday night brought a decent amount of dingers with a few major picks having a day themselves. Let’s take a look at our ranking for July.

was the key pick on Tuesday night – starting a two-day streak of two-homer games. Several of our guys were on that play as well as hitters like , and . Westcrook1 continues to start July off with a bang, racking up two more home runs to bring his monthly total to 5. Obviously there’s plenty of time left, but if he continues like this, it could take a month for the record books. Let’s move on to tonight’s slate.

Recall! Prices have been doubled for each month. Make known!

Rules, levels and prizes

Here are the cliff notes of the introductory rules and guidelines laid out in our opening article. If you want a little more detail, here is the first article with a more developed explanation of the contest.

Long story short, pick three players in the comments for tonight’s DraftKings Main MLB slate. You can choose one player from each of the levels below.

Deluxe Box – $5,000+

Boardwalk – $3,500 – $4,900

Bleachers – Under $3,500

You will collect home runs for every home run your batters hit that night. Selections must be made before lock time in the comments section. At the end of each month, prizes will be awarded to community members with the most tours. At the end of the season, additional prizes will be awarded to members who have collected the best totals for the entire season (ending in August).

The following prizes will be awarded to players based on their total home runs for the month (April, May, June, July, August)

First place – 2 months of RotoGrinders MLB Prime
The second place – RotoGrinders t-shirt and hat
Third place – 2 weeks of ODS Prime

The following awards will be given to players based on their total home runs for the entire baseball season (April through August):

First place – One month of RotoGrinders Combo Premium
The second place – RotoGrinders Swag Pack
Third place – One month of ODS Prime

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or message me on Twitter.

Friday July 8 MLB DFS slate notes

There are 14 games on the main DraftKings slate starting at 7:04 p.m. is. The only game left on the slate is the Reds’ 6:40 p.m. game. Three games will be played in a dome while Coors Field is not on the slate.

I’m writing this article the day before so I don’t have a good idea of ​​the weather. As always, let Kevin Roth help you out with his daily weather report and appearance on Crunchtime.

Camden Yards is home to the Los Angeles Angels, but maybe we shouldn’t pick on this game. and have shown they are not full gas cans this season. Maybe we don’t attack this game thoroughly with lefties.

I don’t know who pitches for the Red Sox, but the Fenway Park Yankees are extremely interesting to me. The Yankees and Red Sox are normally a hot feud, but it’s more like a hammer against a nail this year. That said, the Yankees showed the other day in Pittsburgh that this formation could be very powerful.

The bubbling formation of the Braves clashes at home in Atlanta. We could go in several directions with this game. , , and must also be considered with auxiliary players.

Friday July 8 MLB Choice of home run

Deluxe Box – – DE – $5,300

In the west, the Dodgers lineup is often overlooked… well, by me. All the futures bets on their World Series don’t prevent me from neglecting them in DFS queues just because they play so late at night.

Mookie is back from a quick injury and immediately brought the fireworks with him. At 48% fly balls and 44% hard hits, Mookie is posting a .269 ISO against the right-handed throw. We don’t really need to go into detail, Mookie is an elite power hitter. Tonight, the Dodgers should be one of the main offenses against the Cubs, but could be slightly underplayed due to the size of the slate.

Mookie will open my card. I can’t get odds at the time of this writing, but I’ll assume it’s north of 3/1…maybe closer to 4/1.

Boardwalk – – 1B – $4,300

Freeman’s replacement has warmed up in Atlanta over the past month. A doubling machine, Olson is still capable of going deep multiple times in a game.

is nothing special and Olson joins the Atlanta roster which is full of guys capable of multi-homer games. The southpaw brings a 37% fly ball rate but over 40% hard contact. This could explain the high volume of duplicates. His 32 doubles lead the league but he still brings a team of 12 homers. There’s a lot of power on hand with Olson.

Olson joins Mookie on our map and should also be north of 3/1 to hit a home run.

Bleach seats – – DE – $2,800

Well, the cheap seats. Another night of closing your eyes and throwing the dart at the board. Will tonight be our first target for a while?

, the beginner feel brings enough power in this range. We’d surely prefer this game to Coors Field, but a dome in Arizona isn’t the worst place to go.

We’ve seen enough to know that it’s worth nothing to write home. possesses 45.8% fly balls against right-handed pitchers. His fly balls aren’t too high and his ground balls are way too high… but… he’s at $2,800. I think we saw the potential and I think we could do a lot worse in this lineup.

We end our map with Thomas who would probably give us a well-deserved boost after our first two picks. Good luck with your home run picks and parlays!

Thank you very much for reading. Give me a follow Twitter for sports betting jokes, golf treats and professional wrestling reactions. We’ll see you on Friday for a recap, standings and home runs.

Player Image Credit: Imagne

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