Hidden Gem Reveals the Darker Side of Apache Junction’s Goldfield Ghost Town

APACHE JUNCTION, AZ – A hidden gem in Arizona reveals a much darker side to Apache Junction’s Goldfield Ghost Town: paranormal activity.

Goldfield Ghost Town is home to several attractions centered around Arizona’s rich mining history.

This is a popular day stop in Apache Junction for tourists that includes period figures, a mine tour, a mystery spot, a reptile museum, and legends of lost treasure.

But the city’s newest attraction includes a hidden Arizona gem. You’ll find it under the town of Goldfield and the only group that can take you there is Fear Frontier.

Matt Mason guides this paranormal tour and says, “We’re proud of the city. It’s a great place to be in the daytime. But you might want to go at night unless you want to venture out with us.”

Mason’s Lantern guides you through the city – and below.

“We’re going to take you to the mine where most of the activity was seen, that’s where there’s a lot of activity because after all in 1897 they actually hit an aquifer that flooded the under -soil, rendering it unusable,” he added.

He also shares where the paranormal activity is strongest.

“We’ve seen people running. We’re always the ones…the guys who stay in the dark and see what they’re running from, we want to find what they saw…why did he reach out? “

For approximately 90 minutes, Mason and his team will share chilling details about the miners, cowboys and prospectors who have been killed panning for gold in the Superstition Mountains.

“The Apaches had a special name for the Mountains of Superstition. They believe it was the literal portal to hell. They also believe that the Mountains of Superstition were protected by a thunder god and that anyone who dared to encroach or disturbing this holy mountain, this god guarding the portal to hell would literally choose your fate. A lot of people think it was flooded because the land is cursed,” Mason said.

Mason says touring with Fear Frontier is clearly not for the easily spooked.

“We often like to tell people it’s not a reading tour, so if something scares you, we didn’t plan for it – that’s only natural,” he added.

He shares that those looking for the most haunted place in Arizona will find it here.

“So not only are you walking through cursed land, but you’re going under where the curse could have literally been struck in 1897 and that’s probably where most people feel tampered with and touched and caught. We see probably most people run away from there.”

border of fear
4650 N Mammoth Mine Road
Apache Junction, AZ 85119

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