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A local service member has received a major promotion within the United States Army.

Gustine’s Nickolas Meyer has served in the Air Force since April 2018 as an aircraft metals technology specialist. After nearly four years of service, Meyer was recently promoted to Staff Sergeant (SSgt). The rank of staff sergeant is the fifth rank within the U.S. Air Force and is the first promotion within the branch that is earned competitively; all lower ranks have automatic promotions based on service time. Duties as a Staff Sergeant may include mentoring fellow Airmen, maintaining duty rosters, enforcing discipline, and working with other military leaders.

Susan Bell, Meyer’s grandmother, expressed the joy the promotion brought to their family.

“We are all extremely proud of him,” she said.

Meyer’s latest promotion to staff sergeant isn’t the only honor he received during his four years in uniform. As a low-ranking aircraft metals tech, Meyer’s exemplary work in repairing and creating critical aircraft parts earned him an Airman of the Quarter honor, the opportunity to serve as an airman’s guard. honor for a year and a six-month overseas deployment in the summer. of 2021.

Meyer’s family explained that his success as an aviator is impressive considering he had no prior experience in manufacturing, machining or other forms of engineering. After graduating from Gustine High School in 2016, Meyer had first attended California State University, East Bay in 2017 to major in computer science, but soon realized that more manual and hands-on work was more for her. him.

“He started with a clean slate. He was very thorough in everything he did. There was nothing you could tell him to do that he couldn’t understand, which is why I think he wanted to take the Air Force challenge,” Bell said.

Bell believes Meyer’s involvement in school and community activities also helped him on his Air Force journey.

“He was a consultant for [Gustine Middle School’s] 6th grade camp and was a captain in the local Y-Lead youth group. He was also involved in different clubs and activities in high school,” Bell said. “He’s always been a go-getter.”

Meyer is currently stationed in Arizona, where he lives with his wife, whom he married two months before enlisting.

“He was home for Thanksgiving this year. Before that, he was home two years ago, so there are big gaps between visits,” Bell said.

Since Meyer is away from home for such long periods of time, his family makes sure they are all together whenever he returns to visit.

“Family is very important to us, so when he comes back, we always try to reunite him with his two brothers. They pretty much hang out and play board games, like they did in high school,” he said. she continued.

Bell and the rest of the family look forward to what Meyer can accomplish next with the Air Force.

“He is so determined and hardworking. We are incredibly proud of how far he has come and we are delighted to see him continue to progress. »

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