Exhibition “Emergence: Expanding In Light” at the Nassau Club

‘STEADY IN FLOW’: This photo of Lisa Granozio is part of ‘Emergence: Expanding in Light,’ her series on view through June 6 at the Nassau Club, 6 Mercer Street.

Professional photographer Lisa Granozio seeks to reflect beauty and light in her subjects and, through her work, connect with the healing powers of the natural world. Building on his 2020 series “The Light Within,” which seeks to illuminate our inner shadows and access our individual light to heal, Granozio now presents “Emergence: Expanding in Light.” This series of large-scale macro images reflects our potential to resurrect ourselves again and again – like flowers in spring, reborn with an expanded luminance of our truth and an amplified ability to share our light. Featuring photographs mounted on plexi and framed, the exhibition will be on view until June 6 at the Nassau Club, 6 Mercer Street.

According to Granozio, each photograph in the exhibition reflects the qualities we feel when we leave a safe and embodied place.

“Like spring emerging from the darkness of winter, returning to our inner light and embracing the shadows that have shadowed that light and so restricted the expression of our fullest selves, we increase our capacity for love. -clean and emerge with strength, wisdom, grace, space and radiance,” she said. “We shed what no longer feels authentic and rise up expanded, having gained an inner peace that affirms our humanity. And, when we shine our brightest light, we make room for others to do the same.The expansion of our light raises the vibration collectively.

Granozio is passionate about connecting others to the healing powers of the natural world through her images. Currently, a permanent collection of 15 large-scale photographs is on display in the therapy rooms and public areas of Trinity Counseling Service (TCS) in Princeton. Additionally, she was a featured speaker on TCS’ 2021 speaker series, “Light, Color, and Nature; Connecting the inside and the outside for balance, well-being and health. To further his passion, a portion of all sales directly support the work of TCS and the Hope for Depression Research Foundation.

Drawn to eye-catching details, Granozio’s passion has taken her beyond her garden to the interior regions of Panama, the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, the canyons of Utah and South America. Arizona, the streets of Havana, Cuba and the hillside towns of Europe. Her award-winning photos have appeared online and in national publications. She owns and operates LAG photography, a fine art and portrait photography business. Her work is available on her website lagphotography.com and instagram.com/lisagranozio.

Those wishing to view the exhibit may contact the Nassau Club at (609) 924-0580 to ensure that the exhibition space is not used.

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