Dreaming of a better government


I have a dream.

I dream that the Democratic “Build Back Broke” plan – I mean “Build Back Better” – is going nowhere. I dream that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema hold on and refuse to vote for this socialist-inspired mess that destroys the budget, induces inflation, no matter what the cost their fellow Democrats ultimately plead for the passage.

I dream that Joe Manchin, who has been in politics for 40 years but who ran a carpet store (the family business) before entering the political wake, sees the light and changes parties, becomes a Republican and overthrows the Senate American. in Republican power before the 2022 elections.

I dream that the 2022 election will then overthrow the House of Representatives and produce an unbalanced split from Republicans to Democrats, along with six more Republican Senators in the US Senate.

I dream that the already too long national nightmare called the Biden administration will be over. I dream that the day after the finalization of the results of the elections of 2022, our president wakes up and says to himself: “What am I doing here?

Shortly thereafter, he will address the nation in which he will reveal the cunning he and his team used to rack up the 81 million votes he won with. He will admit to the nation that his team rewrote the rules in the Swing States to legally allow their agents to go door-to-door to register and register new voters, or even fill out their ballots for them. He will also admit that his team continued to cast their votes until midnight on election day, the number of which depended on how the vote was conducted.

I dream that President Biden will ask his Vice President, Mrs Harris, to step down from her post, which she does with a laugh. Then he will resign “for the good of the country”, in order to be able “to spend more time with his family”.

In a spirit of atonement, President Biden appoints Donald Trump as his vice president, who will take the presidency when Mr. Biden formally resigns.

I have a dream that President Trump does not run for office and that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wins the 2024 election and is named President of the United States. With over 85 million votes, he’s enough to overwhelm even the most twisted collection of vote-collectors and postal marauders in one of the so-called “swing” states.

I have a dream that President DeSantis’ running mate for vice-president will be either South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, or Democrat-turned-Republican Tulsi Gabbard.

I dream that because of former President Donald Trump’s support for Mr. DeSantis’ candidacy for president, he is offered his choice of ministerial posts or the post of United Nations ambassador. I dream that Mr. Trump, however, turns down these offers and runs for governor of Florida and decisively wins.

I also dream that Congress in 2024 votes to put President Trump’s face (in profile) on a new $ 10 bill.


I dream that newly elected President DeSantis appoints and the Senate approves all of his Cabinet choices and that those choices will feature Texas Senator Ted Cruz as Secretary of Energy and that one of the administration’s top priorities will be to make the United States energy independent, as we were under the previous Trump administration.

I dream that when energy independence is achieved (this has been the mission of the Department of Energy since its inception in the Carter years), Secretary Cruz will lead the efforts to dismantle his now useless $ 30 billion department and more. Secretary Cruz will then be appointed Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court when a seat becomes available.

I dream that among the cabinet choices of President DeSantis are current Texas Governor Greg Abbott (Border Security), Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (ICE); Candace Owens as press secretary; Betsy DeVos back as secretary of education, there to dismantle this department; Sarah Palin as Secretary of State; Jared Kushner as Chief of Staff; Mike (“Dirty Jobs”) Rowe as Secretary of Labor; Maria Bartiromo as secretary of the treasury; Lieutenant-Colonel Stu Scheller as Secretary of Defense; Alan Dershowitz as Attorney General; Ryan Zinke as Home Secretary; Elon Musk as secretary to the secretary of transport; Tom Homan (former Acting Director of ICE) as Secretary for Homeland Security.

That’s it. These are my dreams.

And, if none of them come true, all I ask is someone to wake me up after the ongoing nightmare is over.

James Buckley is a longtime resident of Montecito. He accepts questions or comments to [email protected].

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