Dallas title city? Michael Irvin predicts Mavs and Cowboys championships

The Dallas Mavericks earned an impressive first-round playoff victory over the Utah Jazz – qualifying them for the Western Conference Semifinals. Next up will be a game with the Phoenix Suns, who just came out of the 2021 NBA Finals.

Perhaps the pinnacle of the Mavericks’ performance in their first-round series was the 102-77 win they won in Game 5 at American Airlines Center. Luka Doncic lost 33 points, 13 rebounds and five assists, while Jalen Brunson had 24 points, five rebounds and four assists.


Among those in attendance at Game 5 was former Dallas Cowboys great Michael Irvin. He saw a Mavericks team firing on all cylinders, Doncic and Brunson leading the offense and defense holding the Jazz to an abysmal offensive outing.

The Hall of Fame wide receiver came away feeling like big things were in store for the Mavericks. While serving as a guest for First take of ESPN in Las Vegas for the NFL Draft, he debated Stephen A. Smith of the Cowboys and Mavericks – saying he sees a wave of Dallas sporting success on the horizon.

“I saw Luka do some things in the Mavericks game. 2023 is going to be a great year for Dallas,” Irvin said. “Errol Spence, we’re going to take our Tyronne Crawford in 2023. The Dallas Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl in Arizona, the same place we won our last Super Bowl. ‘they won the last one,’ well let’s win it in the same place.

“I tell you the Finals. The Dallas Mavericks are coming. The Dallas Mavericks are coming. They might not make it this year, but next year the Dallas Mavericks are coming.

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“I’m telling you right now, Dallas, we’ve got a trifecta. We’ve got belts and championships coming up. I’m telling you, I was there. I laid my eyes on him. I got him. seen with my own eyes.”

If the Mavericks can succeed in bringing down the Suns in the Western Conference Semifinals, they will next face the series winner Golden State Warriors against Memphis Grizzlies. These three teams are formidable opponents, but Dallas has shown the ability to adapt to different styles and succeed.

Stephen A. paid tribute to the Mavericks for what they’ve accomplished this season, but said they’re “still one step away” from being a championship-level team.

“I love Coach of the Year nominee Jason Kidd. Nico Harrison is doing a great job,” Smith said. “Luka Doncic is the real deal. Dallas is still one player away. … I will say this, the Dallas Mavericks will win a championship before the Cowboys. I will say that.”


For the Mavericks to even win their Western Conference Semifinals streak against the Suns will serve as a solid barometer of where their roster-building efforts are headed in the offseason.

Rudy Gobert’s underdeveloped offensive skill set played a key role in the Mavericks getting away with being small to expand the field. A much more skilled Deandre Ayton could pose a bigger challenge in the second round.

If Dallas can pull it off against Phoenix, they’ll probably have found a style to lean into even more in the future… and maybe Irvin’s prediction for the Mavs could end up being a year too late before it’s said and done.

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