Community Agriculture Alliance: Meet the new Yampa River fund manager

Mike Robertson is the manager of the Yampa River Fund.
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Fall has been beautiful here in the Yampa Valley this year with warm weather that allowed us to spend a few extra days on the trails or enjoy some fantastic fishing on the river. Although I enjoyed every minute of this fall weather, it will soon be time to welcome some of the snow that so many of us love. Let’s all hope for a bountiful winter that provides epic conditions for the winter sports we so enjoy, but just as importantly fills our creeks and the Yampa River until next summer.

As the new manager of the Yampa River Fund, I am delighted to play a role in the development and implementation of the Yampa River Fund. I welcome the opportunity to build on the foundations of those who created the fund to make a difference in this community.

Given the frequency of droughts and low flow conditions we are seeing across the West, but especially here in the Yampa Valley, this fund will continue to be critical to ensuring water security through water rental opportunities for years to come. In addition, the fund will continue to support restoration activities and infrastructure improvements throughout the watershed.

The opportunity to serve in this role is a chance to leverage all my skills and previous experience working on rivers in the western United States. My work on stream habitat protection, ecology and project management will help me facilitate the work of fund partners to maximize value. available funds and invest in good projects that will benefit everyone in the Yampa River watershed.

I have spent the past 15 years working on water resource issues in Wyoming, including conducting fish habitat studies that have led to applications for instream water rights on rivers in the state. Before that, I worked as a fisheries biologist for a consulting firm that had projects in Texas, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. I’ve seen a lot of great scenery and beautiful rivers, but few compare to the Yampa and the opportunities it provides right here in our backyard to fish, float and just marvel at the beauty of a river savage.

Moving to Steamboat Springs full time is a dream come true and my family has found the community to be compassionate, welcoming and hardworking. It’s a great place to raise a family and a place that makes you want to invest your time and energy to help keep it that way. I look forward to meeting many of you on the trail or along the river enjoying one of the amazing outdoor opportunities that probably brought you here in the first place.

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Mike Robertson is the Yampa River Fund Manager at Friends of the Yampa.

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