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I had an interesting conversation with a lifelong friend.

I was worried about Birmingham’s inability to keep pace with other regions.

He said I totally missed what was going to happen.

He warned that many top US cities and regions appear to be heading for trouble and Birmingham would benefit.

He suggested that I do some research… so I did…

New Orleans, Louisiana

The future of New Orleans is tenuous.

Ida was the sixth tropical cyclone to make landfall in Louisiana since the start of 2020.

According to a article in the New Yorker “New Orleans is sinking. The city was built on swamps, and… the area is shrinking. Much of the city is already well below sea level … In 2019, the Corps announced that … the system it had just completed upgrading would be no longer adequately protect the city from 2023.

Miami, Florida

Miami faces a perilous future.

A American scientist room, saidNew modeling from Resources for the Future (RFF), a non-partisan economic think tank, reveals that “hundred-year floods” could occur every few years rather than once a century. Miami will become … “The most vulnerable large coastal city in the world”, RFF said, with hundreds of billions of dollars in assets under the onslaught of winds, storm surges, coastal flooding and sea level rise.

New York City

New York City may have serious problems ahead.

Penn State University climatologist Dr. Michael E. Mann Recount Salon, ” In the worst case, much of Manhattan would be submerged by 2300 if current greenhouse gas emission rates are not reduced.

And the western states …

Water shortages

The Smithsonian warns that Hoover Dam’s Lake Mead continues to hit record water levels due to a severe drought sweeping through the western United States. A water shortage will cause “Big water cuts… in big cities, including San Diego, Los Angeles and Phoenix. Las Vegas gets about 90 percent of its drinking water from Lake Mead… “

Wild fires

Watch the news and you will see thousands of people escaping the ever-increasing number of wildfires in California, Texas, Arizona, Montana and elsewhere.


And according to California County Earthquake Alliance, The most comprehensive state-wide analysis of earthquake probabilities determined that the the probability of having one or more earthquakes of magnitude 6.7 or greater in California in the next 30 years is 99.7%.

Birmingham a solid option

None of us are rooted in environmental disasters, but if they do happen Birmingham is on course to be a solid option.

Situated in the heart of the Sunbelt, Birmingham is within driving distance of mountains and beaches and has four distinct seasons with glorious fall days and Technicolor springs.

The people of Birmingham are smart and generous and we have the best healthcare in the world.

Often referred to as the ’20 minute city’, Birmingham is easy to get around.

Another advantage for Birmingham: Atlanta, Georgia is nearby, and with some leadership and vision, high speed rail could create incredible opportunities for us.

Birmingham primed and ready to go

Railroad Park opened in 2010 and Birmingham has begun a transformation.

Regions Field, Rotary Trail, Uptown, The Pizitz and Food Hall, The Lyric, Red Mountain Park, Protective Stadium and the Legacy Arena and CityWalk BHM which will soon be completed. Our downtown I59 / 20 bridges have been rebuilt and we have opened a modern airport.

UAB continues to expand. Bars and restaurants open everywhere. There is no strop construction all the way west to I-65 on the Southside. The populations of downtown and downtown Birmingham are increasing day by day.

And our Birmingham area emerges from COVID stronger than ever. There are many major projects underway, including mixed-use developments around the Old Carraway Hospital, Old Trinity Medical Center and Southtown.

In a post-COVID world, many workers will likely be able to live anywhere.

Birmingham seems to be in the right place at the right time.

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David Sher is the founder and publisher of BackCity. He is the former chairman of the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce (BBA), Operation New Birmingham (REV Birmingham) and the City Action Partnership (CAP).

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