Cold start, but warmer later in the week

The Hudson Valley saw heavy rains and thunderstorms ending last week, with much warmer than average temperatures being felt across the region. This, in turn, fueled some pretty wild Fridays and Saturdays. The National Weather Service says severe thunderstorms and even confirmed tornadoes have hit parts of the Hudson Valley and the Northeast, which is quite rare for this time of year. But once the front was finally cleared, much cooler air returned to the area, making it feel like it was November again. But how long will it last?

Monday started out cold, and it won’t be much hotter during the day. Expect a mix of sun and cloud with highs in the 40s and gusty winds in the afternoon. The lows will drop to around 30 overnight, under partly cloudy skies. Tuesday will again see partly cloudy skies and peaks in the upper 40s. The lows will drop into the low 30s again overnight. But after the week begins, expect warmer temperatures to return.

Wednesday will bring a bit of a warm-up, with peaks in the mid-1950s and mostly cloudy skies. The chance of rain returns Thursday as temperatures climb nicely into the 60s. The best chance for rain will be during the afternoon as another front passes, once again bringing in a lot of air. colder behind him. Friday will end the week as it started, with cloudy skies and highs only in the 40s and lows in the upper 20s. The extended weekend forecast calls for highs in the 40s above 50s below, and a mix of sun and cloud.

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