Clarkdale community concerned about new facility

At the November 5 council meeting, Clemons, in the absence of Mayor Joe Jerkins, offered more details:

  • City officials have been approached by Taylor & Mathis to purchase this property which is already zoned light industrial. “Not that it was necessary. (The earth) was just setting there.”
  • It was “not an obligation” for the town to inform the residents of Clarkdale or Cureton Woods of this pending decision.
  • Austell has entered into a buy-sell agreement with Taylor & Mathis which is “not something that can be stopped”.
  • Six months are involved for “due diligence,” including a traffic survey, and “no idea” on the construction schedule.
  • The end user is not known and there is “no restriction on what he can build”.
  • The 550,000 square foot facility is “speculative construction” with no “tenant”.
  • The $ 30 million facility is expected to create 150-200 “high paying” jobs.
  • A 50 foot buffer berm and an additional 17 acres of city property will separate the development of Cureton Woods and the Clarkdale Historic District.
  • There will be no truck traffic on Austell-Powder Springs Road.
  • How much more truck traffic and how much more light and noise are not known.
  • The $ 4.6 million profit will go to paying off the city’s debt first and then eventually to a quiet area in the city.
  • Clarkdale and Cureton Woods concerns can be directed to Austell officials for communication with Taylor & Mathis.

The $ 100 million Austell Intermodal Terminal opened in 2001 on 450 acres to help Norfolk Southern Railway serve the ports of Charleston, Savannah, Miami and Jacksonville.

Information:,,, options / intermodal / terminals-and-timetables / austell-ga.html

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