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A municipal zoning bill proposed for consideration by the Arizona State Legislature will harm cities and towns in the state, and the City of Fountain Hills opposes it.

In a letter to lawmakers, Mayor Ginny Dickey said Bill 2674 would establish “lawful housing” without an obligation to make it affordable. This means, for example, that in the General Plan, multi-family developments would be permitted “as of right” in any agricultural district, single-family residential neighborhood, commercial district, and any neighborhoods with single-family dwellings, commercial uses, or mixed uses.

Multi-family developers could ignore adopted zoning ordinances, design standards and building codes. Multi-family projects would be administratively approved without a public process. This could include multi-family buildings up to 75 feet in some areas. Residents would have no notice and no opportunity to learn more about the project or provide feedback. No rezoning or modification of the general plan would be necessary. The bill would also remove planning commissions from the process and strip local councils of their zoning authority.

“There are ramifications on water supply and sewage treatment capacity as well as the more apparent effects this will have on residents and businesses,” Dickey said. “We recently adopted a new practice to increase citizen participation in our planning, and this law would remove them, P&Z and the Council from the process altogether.”

House Bill 2674 Municipal Zoning; by Right Housing, sponsored by Reps. Steve Kaiser (R-Phoenix) and Cesar Chavez (D-Phoenix).

“Please don’t impede our ability to make local decisions on these matters,” Dickey wrote to state lawmakers. “We recognize the importance of having a variety of housing available, but this bill reduces the cause to municipal zoning rather than the many other factors, including building material shortages and costs, short-term rentals , investors who buy property without inspection and with money, and not enough workers right now.

A city press release states that HB2674 will have the following negative and generational impacts on development in Fountain Hills:

*Eliminate single-family zoning.

* Eliminate the citizen review process for residential and multi-family developments.

* Prohibit all district zoning regulations that restrict housing.

*Provide residential developers with special treatment and the right to ignore local requirements such as setbacks, maximum heights and requirements for building materials, exteriors, roofs, patios, garages, landscaping , common areas, open spaces, parking and architectural elements.

* Prohibit planning commissions from reviewing housing projects, obtaining community input and providing recommendations to local councils.

* Disrupting state or municipal economic development plans by converting property zoned commercial for economic development into legal housing without regard to carefully coordinated economic development plans.

Rep. John Kavanagh, a Fountain Hills resident and former council member, called the bill the most serious threat to community property values ​​and way of life he’s seen in his 16 years. in the legislature.

Chavez withdrew the bill from a committee hearing and put it on hold indefinitely while more comments are gathered from stakeholders.

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