City of Dewey-Humboldt calls for arguments for and against Proposition 455

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Ahead of the March 8, 2022 election, every Dewey-Humboldt household with a registered voter will receive an information brochure that includes arguments for and against a proposed issue that will have local impact. Anyone interested in submitting an argument is required to do so before December 8, 2021.

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The question is:

An amendment to the municipal code Dewey-Humboldt 10.99, general penalty; reduce the amount of civil penalties (fines), change time limits, remove imprisonment and probation as permissible penalties, and prohibit the Town of Dewey-Humboldt from registering and enforcing liens on land as a means of enforce compliance from current or future owners. Require that the Town of Dewey-Humboldt not adopt a privilege and abatement code to circumvent these changes.

Arguments, both for and against, on this issue should be submitted to Beth Evans, City Clerk in electronic format at [email protected] by 6:00 p.m. Arizona time on December 8, 2021. Arguments are limited to 300 words and must contain the declaration on the honor of each sponsor and a deposit for the costs of printing the sales pitch in the advertising brochure. If the argument is sponsored by an organization, it must contain the affidavit of two officers of the organization, or if it is sponsored by a political committee, it must contain the affidavit of the chairman or treasurer of the committee. . Please contact the City Clerk at 928-632-7362 with any questions.

for more information visit Election and Voting Information | Dewey-Humboldt, AZ (

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