City leaders hope Republic services can now handle garbage duties | While reading

READING – Exhausted DPW workers and townspeople will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Republic Services trucks today to see if the garbage hauler can handle its Friday waste and recycling commitments.

For the third week in a row, city officials have been inundated with complaints from residents whose trash cans and recycling barrels were not emptied as scheduled by new curbside waste disposal provider Republic Services. .

However, there is some hope that Reading’s trash crisis is coming to an end, as on Thursday the Arizona-based company reportedly managed all of its trash and recycling routes without major hitches.

According to city administrator Fidel Maltez, who earlier this week threatened to cancel the garbage hauler’s service contract if it could not meet its contractual obligations, he and DPW Director Jane Kinsella, expect the third-party contractor to be back today.

“Thursday’s trash and recycling route was done by Republic today,” the two city leaders explained in a social media post late Thursday. “If there is any missed waste or recycling [pickups] from Thursday itinerary, please let us know by [our SeeClickFix software link on the town’s website].”

As previously reported in The Reading Chronicle, the city manager warned on Monday that he would cancel the inherited services contract from Republic Services if he continued to miss massive portions of his daily waste disposal routes through the community.

Maltez sent the message after the carrier failed to show up over the weekend, as promised to pick up uncollected trash and recycling late last week.

Acknowledging the receipt of thousands of complaints from citizens about sporadic and unreliable waste collection services, Maltez tasked the community‘s DPW staff with the Herculean task of handling all outstanding collections in town.

From Monday, mobilized DPW workers began roaming the streets of Reading with dump trucks and front-end loaders to complete those unfinished waste routes of days gone by.

City officials said exhausted DPW workers from Thursday night were on course to update the schedule by the end of Friday.

“DPW will be working on some of the streets missed from Wednesday’s rubbish only route tonight. The city had two crews working on the Tuesday Recycling Route today and will complete this route on Friday,” city officials explained in a social media post last night.

“Our DPW teams have been working overtime every night this week, including until 8 p.m. Wednesday. We so appreciate the kind words for them, the patience and understanding expressed by so many [residents]and humor,” Maltez and other city hall officials added. “We also had a pretty angry share of calls. We understood. We are also frustrated.

Last weekend, the city administrator encouraged local residents to use the “SeeClickFix” feature on the city’s website ( to notify community leaders of any pending waste and recycling


On Saturday alone, more than 200 residents of neighborhoods scattered across Reading did just that.

Service requests made through the online reporting portal have decreased significantly since the DPW began assuming Republic Services obligations. Specifically, by Wednesday, the number of daily SeeClickFix complaints had risen from hundreds to 32 requests to empty trash cans and recycling containers on less than 20 separate new residential streets. Yesterday, less than 10 complaints were registered in the database.

Although residents filing the latest round of complaints continue to express their frustration with the whole situation, many local citizens have also taken to social media to thank DPW grassroots workers for their hard work.

“A big thank you to the DPW crews for stepping in and working so hard to get the job done,” commented High Street resident Diane Wilson.

“If I had heard the charger, I would have started fresh coffee!” Well done to all of you for taking care of us, ”also posted Adam Denhard of Mount Vernon Street.

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