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Dear Mayor Bunch,
Maricopa County is investigating Cave Creek Town Official Steve Lamar for his failure to obtain required air quality permits for a road construction project conducted on two of his properties in March 2021. The main property is located at 5028 E Desert Hills Dr., which is in the town of Cave Creek, AZ. A review of records shows that Lamar has not obtained any of the required permits from the town of Cave Creek, as required by town code. It is also clear that there was no technical review, investigation, or fee paid to the city, as required by city code.
The work performed was a road construction project of over 10,000 square feet, which included the installation of a culvert and the placement of backfill in a washout drainage.

This case is of significant public interest because Lamar is an official of the town of Cave Creek. The public has the right to expect any official in your government to behave above reproach. The public has the right to expect public servants to understand that they hold the public trust; and must place loyalty to the Constitution, laws and ethical principles above personal gain. Members of your administration must act in good faith in carrying out their obligations, including all financial obligations – this would include paying any fees the Town of Cave Creek would be owed for reviewing a construction project as well the appropriate building permit fees.

The Cave Creek website informs the public of what is required at this link:
And also, what is needed to build a roadway:

  1. Do I need a permit to grade a roadway and install a culvert on my property?
    Yes, any grading of the pavement can alter historical drainage patterns. A civil engineering site plan registered in Arizona showing existing and proposed outlines in the profile is required. Plans must demonstrate that historical drainage patterns are maintained. In addition, the engineer must provide calculations and a detailed site plan to show that the culvert is designed correctly. A building permit is required if a structure such as a culvert is required.
    This significant ethical violation and egregious violation of Cave Creek town code renders Lamar unsuitable for a position in your town’s government, where he is responsible for making decisions that impact the citizens of the community. How could we expect citizens to be required to follow the city code, while the municipal authorities do not?
    Mayor, the way you handle this matter will send a clear message as to the standards you maintain for city officials and employees.

Dan Johnson

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