Charles Wesley Godwin dreams of being at home in a “temporary city”

Charles Wesley Godwin and his wife now live in his home state of West Virginia – just outside of Morgantown, in a house they first own – but when he wrote his new song “Temporary Town”, he was missing the Mountain State something fierce.

“I had lived away from West Virginia for a few years, my wife and I, and I really wanted to go back,” says Godwin, adding that life on the road, in particular, made him dream of living there – low: “This is where I feel most comfortable in this world.”

To a simple and peaceful melody, Godwin sings in “Temporary Town” his desire to “Make peace in heaven near a forgotten old town and let the world go by until there is no turning back.” As well as sharing his desire to return to West Virginia, the song finds inspiration in Godwin’s desire to own a home.

“It’s about my wanting to come home, you know, to have our own home,” Godwin shares. “But now we’re back in Morgantown and we live out of town and live a simple life.”

“Temporary Town” is from Godwin’s upcoming new album, How the mighty fall. The project follows on from its beginnings, the years 2019 Seneca, and some downtime for the artist in 2020, due to both the COVID-19 pandemic and the birth of her son.

“I try to write with a sense of belonging. So far, this setting has always been my home, but I don’t think this new album is as locally focused as my previous release, ”Godwin shares of his new album. “I hope these songs connect with people wherever they are. live. “

How the mighty fall is scheduled for November 5 and available for pre-order and pre-register now. Fans can follow Godwin on

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