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WASHINGTON (AP) – Pivotal Democratic Senator Joe Manchin appears to agree with the White House’s proposals for new taxes on billionaires and some businesses to help pay for President Joe Biden’s slashed social services and the package on the climate change.

Biden met with West Virginia Conservative Democrat and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer at the home of the President of Delaware on Sunday as they worked to resolve disputes between centrists and progressives that have blocked the far-reaching bill from the Democrats. A person who requested anonymity to discuss Manchin’s position told The Associated Press that the senator agreed with the White House’s new approach on tax proposals.

What was once a massive $ 3.5 trillion plan is now considered a $ 1.75 billion package. That’s in a range that could climb considerably higher, according to a second person who requested anonymity to discuss the private interviews.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that even at “half” of the initially proposed $ 3.5 trillion, Biden’s national signing initiative would be bigger than any other legislative package with large investments in care care, child care and climate change strategies.

“It’s less than what was originally planned, but it’s still bigger than anything we’ve ever done to meet the needs of working American families,” Pelosi said on Sunday on “State of the Union.” from CNN.

Democrats are working intensely to re-attempt to wrap up talks on the measure so the president can spotlight his administration’s accomplishments to world leaders at two unfolding overseas summits on the economy and climate change. this week.

Biden met with Manchin and Schumer, DN.Y., at the president’s home in Wilmington after Democrats missed last week’s deadline to resolve the differences. Biden has said he would like to see a $ 2 trillion package and they are trying to come to a deal again this week.

It’s unclear what level of the new taxes Manchin would support, but he generally supports the White House’s proposals, according to the person who requested anonymity to discuss Manchin’s position. None of those who requested anonymity were allowed to discuss the negotiations by name.

The White House said the breakfast was a “productive discussion” on the president’s agenda. Discussions appeared to go on for hours, but no decision was announced. Democrats “have continued to move forward,” the White House said in its post-meeting statement.

Resolving the revenue side is critical as Democrats insist that the new spending will be fully paid for by the various taxes.

Manchin and another Democrat, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, almost single-handedly prevented Biden’s proposal from moving forward. With Republican opposition and an equally divided 50-50 Senate, Biden has no voice to spare, and both Democratic senators have insisted on downsizing the huge package and pushed for more changes.

A key debate has revolved around the revenue to be paid for the package, after Sinema rejected an earlier plan to reverse Republican-led 2017 tax cuts and raise rates for companies earning more than $ 5 million per year and wealthy Americans earning over $ 400,000, or $ 450,000 for couples.

Instead, the White House is considering a tax on the investment income of billionaires – less than 1,000 of the richest Americans with at least $ 1 billion in assets. He also put in place a 15% minimum corporate tax designed to ensure that all companies pay what Biden calls their “fair share” – ending the practice of some large companies of paying no taxes.

Democrats originally predicted Biden’s package would contain $ 3.5 trillion in spending and tax initiatives over 10 years. But demands from the moderates led by Manchin and Sinema to contain the costs mean that its final price may well be less than $ 2 trillion.

Disputes remain over large-scale investments, including plans to expand Medicare coverage with dental, vision and hearing benefits for the elderly; childcare assistance; and free pre-kindergarten.

Pelosi, D-Calif., Said on CNN that Democrats are still working to maintain provisions for four weeks of paid family leave, but acknowledged that other proposals such as extending Medicare to include dental coverage could s ‘prove more difficult to save because of the cost.

Pelosi reiterated that around 90% are complete and said she expected a deal by the end of the week, paving the way for a House vote on a separate bipartisan infrastructure bill. of $ 1,000 billion before Sunday, October 31, when a series of transportation programs will expire. . The Senate approved the package of roads, broadband and other public works projects over the summer, but the measure was blocked in the House during deliberations on the broader Biden bill.

Manchin, whose state has a large coal industry, objected to Biden’s initial climate change proposals, which involved a plan to penalize utilities that do not quickly switch to clean energy. Democrats are now also developing other climate change strategies to meet Biden’s goal of reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2030.

Democrats were hoping Biden could cite major accomplishments when he attends a global climate change conference in Scotland in early November after attending a world leaders’ summit in Rome.

Senator Angus King, an independent from Maine who meets with Democrats, said the expected cuts to clean energy provisions in the spending bill were particularly disappointing.

“If we want the rest of the world to take serious action to address this problem, we have to do it ourselves,” King said on NBC’s “Meet the Press”.

Pelosi insisted Democrats pieced together other policies in the spending bill that could cut emissions. “We will have something that meets the president’s goals,” she said.

Democrats also want to make progress that could help Democrat Terry McAuliffe win the November 2 election neck-to-neck in Virginia.

Representative Ro Khanna, a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said his caucus will not budge to support the infrastructure bill until October 31 if there is no agreement on the larger package, which would be adopted under the so-called budget reconciliation rules. .

“The president needs the reconciliation deal to get to Glasgow,” Khanna, D-Calif., Told Fox News Sunday. He added: “This is what will deal with climate change, this is what will meet its 50% reduction targets by 2030. I have no doubts that we will have a deal.”

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