ASUA Town Hall: Candidate for Student Body President wants to rebrand and diversify ASUA

Patrick Robles is the one and only presidential candidate running in this year’s election for the University of Arizona Student Associate.

Several of the other ASUA positions have only one candidate, and some senator positions are still short of candidates, even after the application deadline was extended by a week.

The ASUA Presidential Town Hall Meeting was held virtually over Zoom on Wednesday, February 23 at 6 p.m. A total of seven people attended the meeting, including ASUA adviser Sylvester Gaskin and hosts Deip Sekhadia and Sophia Volpe.

Sekhadia and Volpe asked Robles a series of questions about campaign goals and qualifications for the role of student body president.


Robles said he had four campaign goals; keeping UA campus libraries open 24/7, accessibility and transparency for ASUA, promoting and creating opportunities for mental health care for students and a more large representation of BIPOC communities.

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When asked how he plans to promote transparency, he said he wants to stay in touch with students and the community by showing up on the UA Mall or sending out a weekly newsletter. His exact method of being available to the people has not been set in stone.

Robles went on to say that the ASUA needed to have more diversity on its staff, and recalled that he had sometimes been the only person with his Latino background at board meetings.

“We are a Hispanic-serving institution, why am I the only minority on this board?” Robles said. “Let’s rename who we are.”

Robles has spoken of wanting to offer mental health resources on a larger scale as part of his plans if he becomes ASUA’s new president.

“Let’s make sure everyone gets fantastic service at [Counseling & Psych Services]”Robles said.

He suggested putting up flyers in the Student Union Memorial Center and spreading awareness that mental health support is available for students.

Robles said he spoke to friends at ASU who were shocked to learn that UA had no libraries open for 24 hours and that helped him decide he wanted to change that. done on campus.

“A million dollars is small change for a university like ours,” Robles said of the cost the university would incur if this adjustment to library hours were made.

Sekhadia said elections for ASUA leaders and senators would be held on March 1 and 2 through an online voting system.

Students will be able to vote twice for the presidential position, the executive vice president position and the administrative vice president position. Students will be able to vote once for a senatorial candidate who represents their respective college.

For more information on the candidates, see ASUA Elections Web page.

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