As winter approaches, incredible local Washington state weather records

As winter approaches, I wonder what weather records we could set this year.

After the warmest temperatures recorded in the region’s history earlier this year, will winter go in the opposite direction? These are compiled from the National Weather Service (NWS-NOAA) and the Washington State Climatologist’s website. According to NOAA, official federal registers for Tri-Cities did not begin until 1937, but others were kept locally. These are NOAA-NWS.


  • The coldest temperature of the Tri-Cities ever recorded: -21 degrees on January 21, 1985
  • Coldest in Washington State History: -48 in Mazama and Winthrop on December 30, 1968


  • More snow in one day in Tri-City history: 16.2 inches November 21, 1952
  • More Snow in a Day in Washington State History: 65 inches at Crystal Mountain on February 24, 1994
  • More snow in a month Tri-Cities: 27.9 inches in March 1960
Christmas snow? (Townsquare media)


  • Most Precipitation in Tri-City History in One Day: 3.65 inches October 16, 1964
  • Most Precipitation in Wa State in One Day: 14.26 inches at Mount Mitchell November 23-24, 1984 (24 hours) Mtichell is located in Skamania County in the southwestern corner of the state.

Will we have snow on Thanksgiving? May be. NOAA says the average temperature for our Tri-Cities vacation is 44 degrees. We will see!

We know one thing. If we get a big blast of snow, every store will be depleted of snow shovels, and they will be swept from your porch or driveway if you don’t hide them.

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