Arizona’s Ducey to Focus on Education, Water and the Border in 2022 | National government and new policies

“I would come back to the objective I set for myself around a fiscal policy that makes our State more competitive and attractive,” said Ducey. “These are ideas that I am open-minded to.”

Arizona’s revenue between July and November rose $ 440 million from a year ago and far more than analysts predicted when lawmakers approved the latest budget, according to a report released on last month by budget gurus in the Legislature. This means that the Legislative Assembly will have a large surplus when it comes to the next budget.

In addition to taxes, the legislative session is expected to be dominated by a handful of topics, including elections, education, and water.

Republican lawmakers who groundlessly question the legitimacy of President Joe Biden’s presidency are eager to impose new rules and restrictions on voting, which Democrats say will deny voters the right to vote.

When it comes to education, Ducey has already said he wants to restrict the power of local school boards. The school system is also facing a major funding crunch due to a constitutional spending limit, which the state is expected to hit this spring.

A temporary drop in enrollment due to the pandemic set the ceiling on school spending artificially low at the same time that a new education tax went into effect. Unless lawmakers waive the cap, public schools statewide will be forced to cut spending by more than $ 1 billion, likely leading to layoffs of teachers and staff in the midst of the year. school year.

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