Arizona Senate Elections Audit Firm Attorney To Resign | national news

Wilenchik did not immediately respond to calls and emails seeking comment on Tuesday. A spokesperson for Logan, Rod Thomson, said he would not comment on the legal issues.

The Republic of Arizona has filed a separate lawsuit against the Senate and Cyber ​​Ninjas seeking documents held by the company relating to the audit. Wilenchik is also asking a judge to allow him to stop representing them in this case.

Lawyers for the Republic also oppose Wilenchik’s withdrawal, saying he intervened a day after sending him a letter informing him that they would seek sanctions against his company because Cyber ​​Ninjas did not complied with court orders to deliver documents to the Senate.

“The attempted withdrawal of the Wilenchik cabinet shortly after receiving this letter could be its attempt to evade this court’s oversight to avoid such penalties,” lawyer Craig Hoffman wrote in a court filing Tuesday. “Such an effort should not be facilitated by the acceptance of the request by the Court. “

Hoffman noted that Wilenchik did not serve his Dec. 21 takedown notice on the Republic’s lawyer and they were forced to go to the courthouse to pick it up on Tuesday.

In the American Oversight case, Wilenchik cited only “professional considerations” as the reason for resigning. But he was more explicit in the Arizona Republic case, saying he had not been paid.

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