Arizona lawmakers propose communist-style ‘community schools’

A Russian Communist of the 20th century said: “Children, like soft wax, are very malleable… We must save children from the harmful influence of the family… From the first days of their small life, they must be under the beneficial influence of the Communists. schools… To force the mother to give her child to the Soviet state, that is our task.

How was this to be done? The government would provide comprehensive care centers for all children. In these centers, the children would be “supervised by trained educational and medical staff” who would meet all the educational, physical, social and emotional needs of the children.

Arizona is the latest to adopt a communist-style education model called “community schools” that is gaining traction around the world. Last week, Arizona lawmakers introduced a bill that calls for the development of community schools. These schools will “partner with one or more community organizations to coordinate school, social and health services” for children and their families. The bill would turn participating schools into increasingly comprehensive community centers.

Agenda of the National Community School

The National Education Association is both an architect and promoter of the community school movement. The association “What are community schools? The webpage states, “Community schools provide free healthy meals, health care, tutoring, mental health counseling and other personalized before, during and after school services.” He goes on to say, “The community school model…should be replicated in every community, regardless of size,” and that “it is time that every child got the community school they deserve.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also actively promotes community schools in the name of child health. On the CDC’s “Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child” webpage, he lays out the plan for raising the next generation of children based on the “Whole Child” education paradigm. He says there should be “greater alignment” between “education officials and health sectors to improve the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of every child”.

The CDC’s Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model focuses on 10 components: 1. physical education and physical activity; 2. environment and nutritional services; 3. health education; 4. social and emotional climate; 5. physical environment; 6. health services; 7. counselling, psychological and social services; 8. employee welfare; 9. community engagement, and 10. family engagement.

Note that the family falls last on the list. This is no ordinary accident. While “parent and family involvement” is a strong discourse in such initiatives, the main thing the community school model does is to reduce parental influence and broaden exponentially the role of the public school.

Schools as “hearts of family life”

Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education under President Barack Obama, said in 2009, “The more schools become the heart of family life, the better off our students will be. He said: “Children desperately need a sense of stability, they need an anchor in their lives, community schools are a huge way to do that.”

He does not see the home as the center of stable family life, he sees “community schools” as “the heart of family life”. I can think of few things more unpleasant than that.

He says schools should focus on the physical, social and emotional aspects of children’s lives. Duncan specifically says we need to “think about linking health care clinics to schools and making them one-stop shops. The question is how to make this experience the norm rather than the exception. He concluded that “every school” should be a “community school” and would be “a big part of the answer” to saving our children.

School Health Centers

Arizona’s bill, like others around the country, says participating schools would provide “a variety of programs and services,” including “health and social services” for children and their families. What types of health care services might be available in schools?

Well, Planned Parenthood has been quietly helping tie health centers to schools for years. At least 13 clinics “in Seattle-area public high schools and colleges offer free long-acting reversible contraceptives, including IUDs and hormonal implants, to students in grades six and up,” officials said. the state.

A Medicaid spokesperson for Take Charge, a government program that provides free contraception to low-income people, confirmed that underage students treated at these clinics are eligible for “a full range of covered family planning services.” Could a sixth-grade student have an IUD implanted without parental consent? Take Charge says yes: “If the young person does not choose abstinence, they could select a LARC and have it inserted without parental consent.”

Keep in mind that long-acting reversible contraceptives are associated with serious side effects, including perforation of the uterus and infection. Could school abortions be next? I’m sure Planned Parenthood hopes so.

Dethrone the family

This is of course not the first time that school-centric anti-family legislation has been proposed. President Richard Nixon vetoed a proposal called the Comprehensive Child Development Act in the 1970s on the grounds that it would engage “the vast moral authority of the national government on the side of community-based approaches to child-rearing versus the family-centered approach.

The administration said,

We cannot and will not ignore the challenge of doing more for America’s children in their all-important early years, but our response to this challenge must be… consciously designed to cement the family in its rightful position as the keystone of our civilization. Good public policy demands that we strengthen rather than diminish both parental authority and parental involvement with children.

Rather than “cementing the family into its rightful position as the keystone of our civilization,” the Biden administration is firmly on board with the community schools movement. In July 2021, the Department of Education “announced that $443 million from President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan would invest in community schools” to transform schools into communist-style community centers.

The Global Community Schools Program

The concept of community schools has global origins. A 2017 UN document proposed that governments promote “policies and initiatives regarding the construction of national systems of care” that would provide “accessible, affordable and quality childcare and childcare facilities for the elderly, the disabled… and all other people in need of care”. which would potentially include all children.

The 2015 UN global document on education entitled The Incheon Declaration identifies the Global Partnership for Education as a key player in the “global coordination mechanism”. It seeks to establish schools that are educational institutions, nutrition institutions, and medical institutions under one roof, and they are currently focusing on funding such schools in developing countries.

While presenting community schools as a convenient, one-stop place to meet all of a child’s needs, in reality, they are poised to become centers of indoctrination into radical and abusive ideologies. An infographic showcasing the Global Partnership for Education’s grand vision for full-service schools specifically cites comprehensive sexuality education as an essential part of school health programs, starting in primary school age.

CSE is an ideology that sexualizes children, exposes them to pornographic material, introduces them to gender ideology, and undermines the parent-child relationship.

UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank all sit on the board of the Global Partnership for Education. The pressure for community schools is huge, well funded and will continue to grow unless parents and policy makers stop it.

The community school movement is exciting for people like anti-family activist Sophie Lewis, author of “Feminism Against Family.” She is delighted that “there have recently been powerful calls for counter-family institutions and communist centers” to “meet all basic human needs for the first two decades of life.” This would bring the world closer to its communist vision of a generalized “abolition of the family”.

It is becoming clear that the “artificial mother” dreamed of by communist and socialist activists of previous decades is now knocking vigorously at the door: it is the state-sponsored, full-service, globally connected “community school”. . Don’t let him in.

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