Arizona community comes together to fix haunted house maze

By Elliot Polakoff

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CHANDLER, Arizona (KTVK, KPHO) – Halloween is this Sunday. And that means a trick or a treat, some candy, and if you’re adventurous, haunted houses.

Over the past 12 years along South Forest Drive in Chandler, Allen Moskop has turned an ordinary house into a spooky setup.

Originally, the configuration was a bit smaller; instead of a haunted house, it looked more like a haunted garage. “Just a few coins,” said next door neighbor Megan Hamrick. “And then through there he grew and became a maze.”

A labyrinth that attracted not hundreds, but thousands of people. “People come in wagons and buses full of people,” Moskop said. “And like I said, the street is just packed.”

After COVID-19 shattered last year’s plans, the recently retired Moskop planned to get big one last time while Halloween was on a weekend. He begins to prepare the house in September. But a few weeks ago, a strong wind literally put the brakes on his plans.

“My wife and I went to bed at 11 am,” Moskop said. “And then 10 minutes after we went to bed, we heard this huge crash, come out. And then everything was just destroyed and devastated.

Moskop originally thought that was it, his haunted house days were over. His neighbors, however, had other ideas.

“I wasn’t going to let that happen,” Hamrick said. ” I could not. I went out the next morning, took everything apart and put everything back together over the last week.

“Everyone reached out and said if you need any help let us know,” Moskop added. “And so I found it very, very useful.”

Now, just days before Halloween, it’s almost ready and Allen can start preparing for his annual tradition. “You will get someone who is scary very easily,” Moskop said. “And honestly, I keep picking on this person over and over again. And that drives them crazy, but not too much, because they seem to relive it. “

The event is free and there is a workout the night before Halloween to test all the elements. And while this year was supposed to be the last, the neighbors aren’t so sure.

“No,” Hamrick said. “I see the joy it brings to Al’s face that it brings on Halloween night. So it would be sad for him not to participate wholeheartedly. “

The haunted house labyrinth is open to anyone interested and starts on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 around 6 p.m. It will remain open until approximately 10 p.m.

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