Arizona Bill: Employers Face Hefty Fines for Forced Vaccination Accidents | Government and politics

Arizona Chamber of Commerce lobbyist Courtney Coolidge said it was understood that anyone who got sick from a vaccine could only collect through the workers’ compensation system. State. This provides for the payment of medical bills for any work-related injury or illness, plus a percentage of lost wages.

“This bill before you today would undermine that system,” she told committee members who heard the measure.

But Donny Rodenkirk of Prescott said he doesn’t know what kind of problems his wife, Mary Jane, suffered after her employer – he didn’t name names – forced her to get vaccinated.

The first dose, he said, resulted in severe headaches and ringing in his ears. A second dose was no better.

“It only got worse,” he told lawmakers. “Worse headaches, worse ringing in the ears and she started having seizures.

And now, says Rodenkirk, his wife is out of work.

“If they had just honored his beliefs and his convictions to not get it, and the hesitation there, we could have seen what hope looked like,” he said.

There were also those at the hearing who questioned the safety and effectiveness of vaccines in the first place, such as Barbara Jennings who called them “experimental drugs” and suggested lawmakers go to a website where the individuals can post their stories of side effects and deaths.

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